This is a picture taken outside the Oxford high school during the winter time. This Image is to show what C. Miconis school looks like to help picture where this tragedy occurred.
Oxford school shooting hits closer to home for one RHS student’s family
Grace Zalewski, Design Editor • December 15, 2021

Throughout Michigan, many people have come together to show their sympathy and cater to the ones who have suffered and were lost in the Oxford High School shooting that occurred on Tuesday, November 30. Many people have heard...

In response to the tragedy at Oxford, many students at Roosevelt gathered together for a walk-through. Those same students also had a four-minute moment of silence for the four victims who lost their lives.
Tragedy strikes close
Emily MacIntyre, Copy Editor • December 15, 2021
Senior Josh Tracy poses for a picture with his sister, Addison Tracy, while visiting his family near Pittsburgh.
Covid changes holiday celebration
Ali Norris, Reporter • December 8, 2021

Due to COVID-19 the holiday season has looked different for many families the past couple years, now with a vaccine and new variants of the virus...