Robots automating everyday life


Taken from CNET website

Moxie the Robot, the homeschool helping hand

From pushing a vacuum to driving a car, the mundane everyday tasks of our lives seem to become more and more automated each day.
Each year, the Company Consumer Technology Association hosts a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to showcase all of the new robots and tech coming in each year, though this year’s conference was held virtually.
Robots can pique people’s interest via the written word or videos, but there’s nothing like showing people what you can do in person to really make a good first impression,” Katie Collins said in an article for CNET.
Technology is a part of everyone’s lives almost every second of the day, even more so during a worldwide pandemic.
“If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that sanitation and hygiene are key to keeping people safe,” Collins stated. “It also showed us that there may be jobs that are better for us to hand over to technology to help humans stay safe”.
One of the many robots showcased at this event is the Coro-Bot, nicknamed the “antivirus disinfection robot”, created by Hills Engineering from South Korea.
“The robot has autonomous driving capabilities, allowing it to move independently around environments,” Collins stated. “It uses its flexible arms to identify the areas in need of cleaning, and sterilizes them using ultraviolet light.”
Technology is a part of more than just basic house cleaning, it can also be included with morning coffee.
“GoSun’s Flow and Brew are water filtration and coffee makers that run on solar power alone, making them the ideal choice for off-grid caffeine addicts,” stated on the CNET website.
Today, technology’s range even extends to household pets, one gadget being smart pet doors which make for easier entrances and exits for furry friends.
“The MyQ Pet Portal actually is the whole door, costing a whopping $2,999, but provides automated timings to let your pet out into the garden, and safety features so they won’t get stuck in it,” according to
Something as simple as taking a bath does not seem like it could get very technical, however Kohler’s latest product disagrees.
“Kohler’s bath is designed to overflow into its wooden moat, can envelop you in a fog and a light show, and can be used with essential oils for a total aromatherapy bliss-out session,” according to
Sometimes it may feel as though technology is taking over the world, and with this robot, targeted at children, makes the feeling grows a little stronger.
“This companion robot helps children build social, emotional and cognitive skills through everyday play-based learning and the delivery of educational content,” Collins stated. “If you’ve been struggling with homeschooling very little ones this year, Moxie might be just the thing you’ve been looking for to lend a hand.”
Over the past year, this helping-hand robot named Moxie has circulated around the robotics world.
“This friendly-faced teal robot made by startup Embodied was recently announced as one of Time’s best inventions of 2020. Plus, it was listed as a CES 2021 Innovation Award Honoree,” Collins stated.
Robots and technology make our lives easier, but they are helping make us safer as well.
Home security systems are continuously being upgraded to allow people to control the technology and better protect their home.
“Origin wants to do away with large, multi-device home security systems. Its latest offering — Hex Home — relies on just two pieces of hardware,” stated in an article written by Megan Wollerton for “The Hex Command is the hub of the system, while the plug-in Hex Sense device has a built-in siren and monitors motion.”
Technology affects everyone daily in different forms, so might as well have the newest and most reliable kinds.