Mask up Michigan!

MDHHS plans to distribute 3.5 million free masks to state residents

Grace Harper

RHS seniors Nick Kiss and Grace Harper demonstrate how to properly wear your mask. According to the masks should be worn over the nose and should cover the mouth.

Due to the continued spread of COVID-19, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services partnered with Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to relaunch the Mask Up, Mask Right campaign on January 4, 2021.
This campaign was launched in order to remind Michigan residents how important it is to not only wear a mask but to wear it properly.
According to, MDHHS director Robert Gordon said if the campaign is successful it will limit the spread of COVID-19 and help get life back to normal.
Though there are many types of masks, the state carefully picked the type of masks to distribute.
According to, the state is supplying KN95 masks to state residents which are said to be the second most effective masks to wear and are comparable to the most effective masks, which are the N95 masks used by healthcare workers.
According to, KN95 masks are a step up from the common surgical style masks and are the equivalent of three layered surgical masks.
Despite the fact that the N95 masks are more effective than any other type of mask or face covering, the state opted to distribute the KN95, a mask that is less effective but very comparable to the N95 masks.
According to, the state wants to keep the supply of N95 masks available for frontline and healthcare workers.
This marks the second time the state has provided free masks to residents during the pandemic. Back in August of 2020 Whitmer originally launched the campaign by supplying 4 million free masks to low-income areas across the state. Similar campaigns were launched last summer in other states to try and stop the spread of the virus. For example, Washington provided residents with 3.6 million free masks back in June.
Masks can be picked up at different community organization buildings across the state. According to, the most local place for downriver residents to pick up masks is the Taylor Service Center located on Ecorse Road, but there are also many locations in Detroit including the Southwest Service Center and the Cadillac Place.
For a full list of locations to get masks, go to