Why you should make a new year’s resolutions

Julia Tully, News/Design Editor

Julia Tully, News/Opinion Editor
‘New year, new me’; The phrase that everyone uses as soon as the clock hits midnight on New Years Eve as a start to their resolutions for the upcoming year.
By definition, a resolution is just a dedication to do, or not do, something. You might want to do things like work out, or go outside more, and you may want to not drink as much pop, or not spend too much time on your phone.
Resolutions don’t have to be anything specific or serious. It can be as simple as wanting to drink more water, or something you really have to work towards, like weight loss. And there’s no shame if you don’t go through with these resolutions, because they weren’t written in stone.
These resolutions are just goals. You are never forced to actually succeed with your resolution, and if, at any point throughout the year, you decide that it isn’t working out, you can just simply make a new goal for yourself, and start working at it right then.
Also, if you make a resolution each year, then you are probably more likely to accomplish whatever goal you had than someone who didn’t make one, because actually making the resolution makes you more dedicated to that specific goal.
Personally, I make a New Year’s resolution(s) every year. Last year, my resolution was to get a job, and start saving for college (even though no amount of money I save will help), which I was able to do successfully. With COVID-19 having started to spread around that time, it was surprisingly easy to get a job, but very stressful to keep with all of the cases and deaths.
The year 2021 is a great year for any resolutions. There was so much crap happening in 2020, that no one really had the energy to focus on huge life goals, so now is the perfect time to get your personal life back on track, and set some new goals for yourself.
Also, what is the harm in making a resolution every year? It’s not like you’re being forced to do something you don’t want to do, you’re just simply making a goal for yourself, which you should be doing everyday anyways in my opinion.
Even if people don’t flat out say ‘my New Year’s resolution is…’, I still believe that most people do have a goal they’d like to accomplish in the next year. Every year people want to lose weight, or be organized, or spend less money, so why not make those resolutions? Dedicate that year to making a change (for the better) in yourself, with goals as simple as those ones.
Your New Year’s resolution should not be for anyone else but yourself. Everything that you’re going to strive to do or not do throughout the next year should be completely up to you, and something that you genuinely want to see a change in.
It’s not too late to come up with your resolution. Just think of something that you really, really, want to have, or do, or not do by the end of this year. If you’ve thought of something, then there you go, there’s your resolution for the year 2021. Make it your best one yet.