Students own small businesses


A number of RHS students have their own small businesses, ranging from selling custom clothes to resin decor.
Senior Jenna Williams runs a small business called Jenna’s Boutique selling handmade shirts, keychains, body scrubs, oils, and more.
“Ever since I was little I have always wanted my own business so one day I finally decided to take that $100 I had and start my own business,” Williams said.
As of right now, she spends about 21 hours a week making, promoting, and shipping her products. She promotes her products on a custom story on Snapchat and started her own page on Instagram through @jennasboutiqueee.
Senior Kenzie Potasnik is another one of the few students at RHS that run their own small business. Potasnik’s small business is called Kenzie’s Kustoms and she sells custom embroidered clothing.
“I decided to start this small business because a lot of boutiques have these super cute embroidered clothing but they were so expensive so I decided to use my skills to design more affordable items,” Potasnik said.
The normal price for embroidered hoodies is around $40-$50 and Kenzie makes the same ones for $20-$25. She promotes her small business on Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Instagram through @kenzie’s_kustomz.
Kenzie works about 40 hours a week on her small business, and each crew neck takes two days to make because she hand-stitches all her items.
Sophomore Francesca Scott runs a small business with her neighbor called Downriver Resin. They sell resin coasters, keychains, jewelry, and more.
“I started my small business because I saw that resin decor was popular and it was something fun for me to do in quarantine,” Scott said.
She promotes her small business on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram through @downriver_resin. Scott and her neighbor spend about 10 hours a week working on everything for their small business.
“Since we are back to doing the two days in person, it’s definitely really easy to work on the business on the days we don’t have school, which I love,” Williams said.
They all work on their business during any free time they have. All of these students that own these small businesses say that at times it can get really stressful but they all agree that they wanna stick with it because they love it.
“It gets stressful sometimes but I absolutely love doing this and putting my heart and soul into this business so I will do whatever it takes to be able to work on it every day,” Williams said.