Drafting students get back to work


Griffin DeLadurantaye

Intermediate Drafting student and junior Jared Funk is cutting wood to place in his wall. Each student is assigned a wall to work on. These walls will all be placed together at the end to create the finished model.

Drafting students are building model architecture while social distancing for the first time this year.
In both Intermediate Drafting and Advanced Drafting, building architectural models is a crucial part of the curriculum, with several model projects being built throughout an average school year. Social distancing has prevented the classes from building any models until now.
“I’ve had to spend all the time online teaching all the aspects of building,” Drafting teacher Natalie Rankine said. “So the plan is that the students have learned online so they can put that to use when we’re actually in the classroom.”
Students are pleased to finally be able to have a hands-on project rather than book work.
“It’s taking longer but I’m happy we get to do it and I’m still having fun doing it,” Intermediate Drafting student and junior Daniel Anderson said.
Though students are enjoying working on projects in class, most still would prefer to work on them the old way instead of the new style that aims to keep students from being too close to one another.
“It’s mostly the same, but I wish that we could just do it like we used to,” Advanced Drafting student and senior Dakota Bieganski said.
Rankine, while having to cut back on the number of projects planned, still hopes to have students work on a couple more projects this year.
“Next, we’re going to 3D model and print out some work,” Rankine said. “I’m also hoping that we’ll be able to make gingerbread houses. That’s something we do at Christmas, but the kids have so much fun with it, so I want to do it in May and have it be their final project.”
Despite being hopeful for more projects, Rankine is being cautious when it comes to working hands on.
“Everyone is working better here, but it isn’t consistent, and I think that’s hurting you guys,” Rankine said. “The thing that I’m most afraid of is doing something that would make us go back to Zooming, but I guess that’s just one of a lot of negatives.”