Day in the life of a WAVE student


Sophomore Gracie Affholter is an RHS student on WAVE and has a completely opposite schedule than in-person students.
Gracie starts her day off waking up around noon to log on and see what work needs to be done.
“Since we don’t have classes we need to attend in person or Zooms, I tend to sleep in a lot and start my work later than I normally would for in-person,” Affholter said.
While there are some perks of doing WAVE, there is also the downside.
“What I dislike about WAVE is that there are lots of tests that make up most of your grade so sometimes are harder than others,” Affholter said.
Another thing Gracie does not like about WAVE is that since there are no classes to attend, there is a lot of procrastination that happens and can sometimes bring your grade down.
“It gets hard when you procrastinate because the work piles up and can be hard to get back to where you started,” Affholter said.
After finishing some work Gracie will then eat and get ready for cheer practice.
“Sometimes if I am procrastinating a lot that day, I will spread my work out and take breaks and finish my work when I feel like it,” Affholter said.
After Gracie gets home from cheer practice around 6:30, she eats dinner and gets ready to relax the rest of the night.
“A lot of times I don’t finish all my work before cheer so I often do a lot of it before bed and stay up pretty late catching up,” Affholter said.
Overall, Gracie thinks in-person school is the better option because she learns better in a school environment and being taught by teachers in person.
“I do WAVE because my dad thought it was the better and safer option since he is a teacher and is surrounded by kids all day, and my sister goes to the middle school and is surrounded by kids,” Affholter said.
If Gracie could choose, she would go back in person.
“Sometimes I miss going to school because even though sometimes I didn’t wanna wake up it was fun because in school you get to see your friends and socially interact with people,” Affholter said.
Gracie also thinks that her day would just overall be more productive if she was in person because she would wake up earlier and not have to do as much work at night.”
On WAVE she takes a lot of tests and watches a lot of videos that show instructions on how to do that topic.
“This is the part of WAVE I am not a fan of because if you have a question you can’t ask and have to figure it out on your own,” Affholter said.
After every assignment, there is a quiz that you take to see if you understand the topic and that determines your grade. There are no labs or projects, therefore, is completely online and nothing hands-on like in person and this is another thing she finds challenging.
“Overall WAVE can be really stressful and might seem like the easier option but in my opinion, it’s harder and I would much rather be in a school surrounded by my friends and teachers,” Affholter said.