Boys swimming season off to promising start


Brooklyn Luscomb

Sophomore Swimmer Jose Hinojosa races across the pool. Coach Armiak praised members like Hinojosa’s work. “Our team is very resilient and each member is strong, talented, and fiercely competitive.” Coach Armiak said.

Beginning its season in January, due to being considered a non-contact sport, boys swimming still got a later start than normal this season.
Members of the team have said that they are happy with this season thus far. They’re not only happy with their performance, but also are thankful for the opportunity to compete at all during the pandemic.
“This season has gone extremely well especially considering the pandemic,” sophomore swimmer Caden Sauve said. “I’m very happy with how we’re performing and I couldn’t be more proud of my team.”
Sauve is a freestyle swimmer and has trained hard for this year.
“I’ve done a lot of training in the off-season and I definitely feel like it’s paid off,” Sauve said. “I think what helps me the most is that I’ve been committed to swim for a long time so every chance I get, I’m in the pool training.”
As of Feb 15, the team is 2-1, beating Trenton and Allen Park, and losing to Edsel Ford.
“The guys are looking really good out there,” junior diver Hudson Hill said. “We’ve had some commanding victories over the other teams.”
According to Hill, the opportunity to play a sport during the pandemic has given him a new outlook and a stronger drive to get better.
“I feel like I’m much more optimistic than I was in past years,” Hill said. “I feel pretty good about my abilities; I do have to work on things like timing and spotting, though.”
The team started practicing on Jan 16.
“We’ve been practicing six days a week since January,” Coach Stephanie Armiak said. “This season we’ve also adopted a new training plan and established teams that compete weekly in academics, athletic performance, and community service.”
Not only is the team proud of what they’ve achieved so far, but are also hopeful for the remainder of the season that is still coming up.
“We are looking forward to a lot of upcoming meets, and our League Meets at the end of the season,” Sauve said. “We are very excited since those meets will bring us tough competition, and we are training harder than ever to win.”
Each team member has been performing well, but some key players have been identified.
“I think the sophomore class and junior Robert Passuth have really stepped it up this year,” Hill said. “Everyone just gets better and better each time they get in the pool.”