Boys bowling gears up for rest of season


Emily Brooks

Vernier stares down the lane waiting to see where his ball will hit.

With the impact of COVID-19, the winter sports season is looking much different from past years, including the boys’ bowling team.
“The season is going great so far, personally it’s been good. I can’t really complain, team-wise we have gotten along great,” junior Jacob Vernier said.
Like many other sports, the boys have had to change many things about the way competitions run.
“Covid has not changed our season dramatically, but it has limited our meets to no spectators, forcing us to take videos of our games,” junior Damion Mydini said.
Everyone on the team prepares for the season differently; for sophomore Michael Massengill it was mostly mental.
“Team-wise I think we’re a little more serious since last year was my freshman year I wasn’t as serious about it,” Massengill said. “This year I came into with the mentality that I’m going to build off of last year.”
Even with the delayed start to winter sports, the team has managed to compete, with their first being against Carlson.
“We have had two competitions so far, both of them went well, as a team we could’ve definitely worked on spares from both meets,” Vernier said.
The team is seeing a lot of progress from their last season, with Mydini being a first-year member helping to improve.
“This is my first year on the team, but from what I heard from returning members the team is much better than last year,” Mydini said “To prepare we have to practice so we can keep improving and be ready for meets and tournaments.”
Although there aren’t drastic changes, the team has a few differences in competitions and the precautions they must take to keep everyone safe.
“Competitions have been different, definitely having to wear masks the entire time and for a little while not being able to have water,” Massengill said.
Despite the fact that their season is looking a bit different this year, the team is making the best of it and is hoping for a successful season.
“We have many new kids and all of them have been amazing, we as a team already are strong mentally, I can see us winning a lot this year,” Vernier said.