Rollercoaster start to girls basketball season


Rylee Rue

The girls JV basketball team is struggling this season, but most players are grateful to be playing a season at all.

Girl’s Basketball Starts Back Up
Liliana Garcia, Reporter
The Wyandotte girl’s basketball season began in November when tryouts were held. The team, coached by Jerry Makuch, was finally allowed to begin their season this month.
“MDHHS released an updated emergency order that goes into effect on Monday, February 8” Executive Director of MHSAA Mark Uyl announced in a report that was published on February 4, “which will allow full practices in winter contact sports to begin with competition to follow.”
The first game took place on Monday, February 8 against Allen Park resulting in a win for the lady Bears.
“I am very grateful to be back,” senior Hana Exner said, “it feels good to be able to play and have some type of normalcy.”
They lost their second game on Wednesday, February 10, against Trenton who is first place in the league, but the girls came back on Friday with a win against Southgate with a final score of 48-26.
“We perform better when we communicate together,” Junior Jordyn Guyzik said, “each practice, we get stronger and stronger and work on communication skills.”
On Tuesday, February 16, the bears played Carlson with the final score of 38-37, giving the girls their third win.
They then went on to play Taylor on Wednesday with a score of 35-10 resulting in a loss for the Bears.
According to the team, the girls have an unbreakable bond this year which is helping them perform better on the court.
“We work really great together as a team.” Guyzik said, “we have better team chemistry than any team I’ve ever been on.”
The team has been required to wear face masks during games and is advised to social distance as much as possible.
The girls also create distance between each water bottle so when they get a break, they are distancing themselves. Before each practice and game, the basketballs are sanitized before being used.
“It is kind of difficult to breathe out of the mask,” Junior Sydney Breton said, “but as time goes by we get used to it.”
A jump ball is a method usually used to begin a basketball game, but the girls are no longer allowed to use that method.
Instead, they bring the ball to the side of the court and the away team gets the ball first.
This season was delayed due to the global pandemic but the girls’ varsity basketball team is happy to be back on the court.