Hockey off to rocky start


Ali Norris

Then junior Ray Isham wears a jersey sponsored by Wyandotte Tees during the You Matter game held during the 2019-2020 season.

After a delayed start, the varsity hockey team is looking forward to a good season despite not having a great start.
“We have a lot of talent and potential this year. We’ve played a lot of really hard teams so it’s hard to tell where we stand but it looks like we have a pretty good team this year,” junior Josh Mills said.
Only 5 games into their 16 game season the team has a record of 0-5.
“We usually play twenty-five games but this year we are only playing sixteen,” junior Alex Moon said.
With fewer games this season the team will have to work hard to improve their record; according to Moon, they are putting in the effort to do so.
“We played a few really good teams off the bat this season so I can’t really tell where we are but our effort is really good right now,” Moon said.
Like many athletes, players are still adjusting to the differences of playing with Covid precautions.
“It’s really weird playing with a mask, taking your temperature every time you come into the rink, and staying apart from each other,” Mills said.
Although it is early in the season and they are still settling into playing with precautions, the team has already improved from last year in many ways.
“There’s a lot of leadership on the team this year, better bonding and we’re even more of a family,” Mills said.
The team is not only looking impressive as a whole group but also in smaller groups that specifically work together while on the ice.
“The chemistry this year is amazing. We have a great line with Josh Mills, Jason Cuppari, and myself. The same thing with Ray Isham, Zac Cerivino, and Will Hesket,” Moon said.
The team has high hopes for this game.
“I think this is going to be a great game because we have always had a rivalry with Allen Park. I think we’re going to win,” Mills said.