Wyandotte staff receive COVID Vaccine


Mark D'Angelo

Staff are given record cards to note that they have received what vaccine and when they got it.

Last month, on January 11, the Michigan government took the leap into Phase 1B of vaccinating the Michigan population, after vaccinating health workers in Phase 1A.
According to Michigan.gov, the vaccine distribution is onto Phase 1B, which includes frontline workers, food processing workers, citizens over the age of 75, and teachers.
This makes Michigan one of the few states that allow teachers to receive the vaccine this early.
According to edweek.org, Michigan, along with three other states, announced teachers to be vaccinated on January 11, the earliest recorded date.
The inclusion of teachers is for any teacher, ranging from preschool to high school staff, and many RHS staff members are now receiving the vaccine.
“So two to three weeks ago, our human resources were able to coordinate [with Wyandotte Hospital],” Assistant Principal Patrick Hickey said.
With Hickey coordinating with human resources, they prioritized with which teachers are going to be vaccinated.
“It started with some of the teachers where students can’t wear masks, like Madison, because of their special needs, they can’t wear masks,” Hickey said.
After the special needs teachers are prioritized, it opened up to other teachers. The district, however, is not forcing teachers to receive the vaccine.
“I was reluctant to get the vaccine at first, but I wanted to do my part as a citizen,” World History and Global Events teacher Ron Adams said.
Adams received the vaccine, and isn’t feeling any symptoms post-vaccine.
“I got it, and so far I don’t feel anything wrong with me yet,” Adams said.
Hickey is also among the staff that received the vaccine, and he also isn’t feeling any symptoms.
“Both my parents have got the vaccine and neither of them had any side effects, and I haven’t had any except for a little pain in my arm… I’m invincible,” Hickey said.