Boys Basketball off to slow start


Nick Reckinger

Senior Richard Clark leaps up to grab the ball for a rebound

Varsity Boys Basketball is in full swing, after going 1-3 in the first four games, the Bears are trying to bounce back from the losses.
“We want to go into districts and come out with it, even with the 1-3 start,” junior Ethan Breaux said.
With covid still a factor, it won’t be an issue for senior Josh Hudson.
“Honestly, I think Covid will just be an excuse for us to keep working,” Hudson said.
Hudson is one of the players that are on Varsity for the first time and is not worried about the jump.
“Honestly, I don’t think it would affect anything on my performance, because I’m just out there to get buckets,” Hudson said.
Senior Jalin Pitchford is starting basketball for the first time in his high school sports career, after finishing strong in the football season.
“[I made the decision to] end the senior year on a bang, plus I wasn’t doing anything so I said ‘Why not have fun and work hard,’” Pitchford said.
With Pitchford playing basketball on an organized team for the first time since 8th grade, it is a challenge for Pitchford to get up to speed.
“The biggest challenge for myself is having to learn everything at a faster pace and play catch-up,” Pitchford said.
For the whole team, their primary struggle is to work together as one.
“We tend to be ourselves, with a lot of new faces, including myself, to the team we lack a total team chemistry and the ability to lock in and play our game instead of the opposing team’s game,” Pitchford said.
Hudson believes that it’s the defense and passing that is the reason why they struggle.
“We need to improve on our defense, and just build this chemistry so that we can work together on offense with passing the ball around to create shots,” Hudson said.
Breaux also thinks that the lack of teamwork is why the team struggles.
“We need to pass the ball more, and we need to create shots as a team, so we can stop hogging the ball,” Breaux said.