Why i would NOT go back

Julia Tully, News/Design Editor

As we approach a year since the COVID-19 pandemic took over our lives, I’ve found myself looking back on the numerous things that have happened since this time last year.
I missed out on the ending of my junior year. This includes my theater performance being canceled, choir concerts being canceled, and missing out on taking the SAT that I had been preparing for.
I also missed out on getting my senior marching band experience. Especially because I was head drum major of the band, this was devastating. Being a leader of a group and not being able to fulfill all of the responsibilities that came with that title was really hard, and it took me a long time to be okay with losing that.
On top of all of that, I spent most of my summer bored in my room, rather than out with my friends, or on vacation with my family.
With all of this being said, if I could go back and change everything, I don’t think I would.
Sure, I missed out on all of those things, but a lot of great things happened that I would have never experienced if it weren’t for this pandemic.
I got a lot closer to my group of friends. I had known them for the longest time, but I never took the time to get to know them. With all of the boredom that COVID caused, I was able to really connect with them, and we’ve formed a great bond since then.
I now found myself talking to these people that I’ve formed these bonds with everyday. I’m so grateful that I have had them throughout COVID, because having them to rant to and to share stories with has been super helpful in getting through everything.
I also have improved my GPA, as being online allowed me to spend more time doing work. This obviously wasn’t the case for a lot of students, but I personally found that online school was easier for me than normal in-person, because it gave me more time to work independently.
I wasn’t necessarily a student who never did their work before this year, but I just found myself forgetting about work more easily. With being online, I felt like all of the work I had to do was really well laid out, and everything I had to get done was super clear.
Throughout COVID I was also able to get my first job towards the end of May, and have been working since. I had wanted to get a job way before everything, but my schedule was always so packed that I wasn’t able to fit in work.
With all of the free time, albeit boring, I was able to work through most of the week, and save up a lot of money that is all going towards college.
Most importantly though, I learned to appreciate everything I have and everything I’m involved in.
Of course I was so thankful to be a leader in everything I’m involved in, but since I was never separated from them, I never understood how much they impacted my life. Not being able to experience my senior seasons was really hard on me, especially towards the beginning of this school year.
I never realized how quickly things can be taken away from you until now. In just a snap of some bat’s neck, I, and many others, lost so many things, and even some people along the way too.
So, while the pandemic was not necessarily a good experience on its own for anyone, the things that I gained and learned during the time period will hopefully stay with me way longer than COVID will.