BearBots team preps for virtual robotics season


Brooklyn Luscomb

Members of the robotics team practice after school twice a week to build the robot for their competitions.

The RHS Bearbots have faced an incredibly difficult season, with a lack of personnel, fewer working hours, and having a new coach.
However, they’ve managed to come together closer than before with a year designated to honing their skills and improving the team as a whole.
“I joined Robotics to see and be a part of the entire robot building process. I wanted to see it go from a box of parts to a full-fledged robot,” sophomore Brody Bates said.
Bates is a member of the build and electrical teams, oftentimes working wherever he’s needed.
“It was really cool to see everyone work together to build a functioning machine from nothing. We had so many awesome opportunities to learn new tools, learn lifelong skills, and meet some really cool people,” Bates said.
The First Robotics Competition is an international competition for high school students to compete on an international stage with advanced robotics in order to learn lifelong skills.
“We no longer have in-person competitions,” Bates said. “We have to focus on doing the at-home or video challenges, or we can focus on working better together as a team,”
According to Sophomore Sam Bovee, this year’s Build Captain, said, “It’s different than last year in a few ways.
“This year there are no in-person competitions; each team films their robot completing certain tasks, then submits the video along with other information to receive a score. There are also new challenges different from the robot itself,” Bovee said.
According to, there are two main challenges this year instead of the traditional in-person competitions.
According to the FRC website, the INFINITE RECHARGE at Home Challenges invites teams to engage in two ways.
The first challenge is called “The Game Design Challenge” which has teams design their very own Robotics Competition game in order to compete for prizes and awards, while also sharing unique ideas with the actual FIRST game design team.
The second challenge is the FIRST Innovation Challenge which has teams brainstorm real-life issues and find creative ways to solve them.
This year’s team has also had to adapt to a new coach, but they are eager to work with Kevin Wright, an employee of the Wyandotte Public Schools Tech Department.
“Coach Kevin has been amazing in helping us achieve whatever goals we set, and has been extremely helpful with any issues we have,” Bates said.
This year Mrs. Crnkovich is joined by a new robotics coach, and they have set lots of ambitious plans to accelerate the program. “Coach Kevin and Mrs. Crnkovich have helped revamp the Robotics team area, upgrading our computers, advocating for more space, and making sure the team will continue to excel after we’re all gone,” Bates said.