Students retaking microbio missed during spring shutdown


Nick Reckinger

Senior Jalen Jackson swabs his work area to find bacteria.

Due to the cancellation of in-person learning at the school last year, students that were taking David Blake’s Microbiology class missed their chance of experiencing the class.
“Most teachers in our building are very sympathetic to students who feel they have missed out on opportunities based on the pandemic. I wanted to provide any kid interested in building skills for the future the opportunity to do so,” Blake said.
However, students can’t exactly retake the class, so they would have to sign up for an independent study with Blake.
“What Mr. Blake usually does every year is that he has his independent studies go further into micro by doing things for the class,” senior Alex Gervasi said.
However, since they are behind in the class, they are having to learn what the students missed.
“He had us come in for a Wednesday for a little catch-up opportunity; so with that little session, we’re able to catch back up to a certain point where it’s not extremely difficult,” Gervasi said.
The catch-up sessions would last about an hour, and they also were not vigorous.
“It’s so laid back, and he’s really trying to focus on you personally being able to build these skills, so you can take them to the next level with you,” senior Jalen Jackson said.
With learning the new material, they are also learning it by making some of the material for the class, and would also participate in the labs.
“We’re actually going to be the ones that are going to be making the augur and stock that everybody else in the actual microbio class is going to be using,” senior Nick Kiss said.
Given the chance, Jackson is grateful to be retaking the class.
“Having Mr. Blake’s advanced bio kind of changed what I wanted to do for my career; so being able to come in and take micro and then having it all gone was kind of sad for me… I’m actually really grateful to get him as an advanced study and walk back through it,” Jackson said.
With the chance given to seniors, it led Kiss to an idea for retaking classes the students missed due to covid.
“I think that if something like this happens again, and somebody really wants to retake a class, then the teachers should make accommodations for that, and I feel like Mr. Blake really helped out with that,” Kiss said.