Winterfest postponed until May


Julia Tully

Mr.Roosevelt 2020, Nico Fernandez, crowns Miss Spirit, Kate Simpson, at the 2020 Winterfest pep rally.

Due to hybrid learning lasting through February, Winterfest has been postponed until tentatively the first week of May.
“We didn’t want to cancel it for two big reasons. One, it is a really fun part of the year and there hasn’t been much fun this year. Two, the seniors will never have a chance to have a Winterfest again,” senior class president Cordelia Krajewski said.
Though it is traditionally done in February, this year Winterfest is currently being planned to take place during the first week of May, as a spirit week leading up to prom.
“The seniors wanted to do it as a week leading up to prom since we couldn’t have the winter dance,” media teacher Janet Haddad said.
This years’ Winterfest will consist of many of the traditional events that would take place during a normal year including Lip-Sync, Mr. Roosevelt, and more.
“Everything is going to be a little different, but the spirit week and Miss Spirit court will be most normal. For the most part, all the events that would normally be part of Winterfest are happening to some capacity,” Krajewski said.
While many of the traditional Winterfest events will be happening this year some will be done in a new way to work with safety measures being taken at RHS.
“We’re going to have a Lip-Sync of some kind. We’re probably having the grade divide into small groups, they would perform all at the same time but that would allow them to practice in smaller groups,” Haddad said.
One event completely out of the question for this year is a pep rally. Instead, students will most likely watch all the performances from class.
“Our plan is to do it where we have an adjusted schedule as we would for a pep rally, but you would stay in one of your classrooms, we would all watch the performances at the same time,” Haddad said.
As for the competitive side of the week, nothing is planning on changing.
“People will still be competing. There will be a winner by the end of the night for both Lip-Sync and Mr. Roosevelt,” senior class vice president Madison Murdock said.
While Winterfest may not look exactly like what students are used to, it will still be something fun for students to look forward to and remember from this unique year.
“It will be a little sad not to hold a live pep rally, but I’m super excited to see something positive in all of this negativity,” Krajewski said.