Currently…sustainable fashion

As the production of fast fashion is on the rise, many people are realizing just how problematic it is; to promote the end of fast fashion, a safer, and more friendly type of fashion was invented – , this being sustainable fashion.
Fast fashion is defined as cheap clothing that is produced rapidly by mass-marketers to keep up with trends. Some examples of popular fast fashion brands are H&M, Forever21, and Shein, however, there are so many other brands that we wouldn’t even think use unethical means to produce their clothing. Fast fashion negatively impacts our environment, animal health, as well as their garment employees.
According to Woodstrk, a brand that promotes sustainable fashion and educates others on the dangers of fast fashion, even the European Parliament has begun using the term “slave labor” to describe the working conditions for garment workers in Asia. These employees are severely underpaid and mistreated, according to, the average garment worker in Bangladesh in 2011 was profiting $91.45 monthly. They also reported that the number has actually gone down since 2001, and this wage is far from liveable in any part of the world.
Many people consider the fast fashion industry detrimental to the environment, and they may be right. According to Business Insider, fashion production is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions. They cite that it dries up and pollutes water sources, such as rivers, and that 85% of textiles go into dumps every year. Furthermore, the industry is the second largest consumer industry of water.
The industry’s effect on the environment goes hand-in-hand with its effect on animals. According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organization, it is estimated that the leather industry alone is slaughtering over 430 million animals a year.
Sustainable fashion was invented to counteract fast fashion in the 1980s and it has been gaining popularity since. Patagonia was one of the first brands to promote this style. Sustainable fashion is everything that fast fashion is not, it saves natural resources and water, it advocates to create fair working environments for employees, as well as saving animals.
All clothing materials used in the production of sustainable fashion are recycled materials which is a stark contrast to fast fashion which uses new materials to produce their clothing. Additionally, according to Woodstrk, sustainable fashion uses organic cotton which reduces their water consumption up to 91% as opposed to conventional cotton. Other types of materials produced for sustainable fashion use little to no water which is even better for the environment.
Eco-ethical brands promote the fair treatment of employees. Their employees are given health care benefits as well as fair wages. Those who shop at eco-ethical brands typically feel better knowing that their money is not going towards the mistreatment of other people. Furthermore, sustainable fashion brands promote cruelty-free alternatives to fashion materials made from animals. A few of their creations are bio-fabricated vegan wool, polyester made from ocean trash, silk created from yeast, and many other innovative and safe designs.