Senior lounge opens in LMC, along with school store


Kendyl Stelter

A lunch eating in the new senior lounge.

RHS has opened a senior lounge exclusively for the class of 2021 during lunch.
The senior lounge is located in the LMC and is opened up during the lunches to the seniors.
“I really enjoy the senior lounge because there is way more room and it just feels very free and open compared to the lunchroom,” senior Madison Murdock said.
In the senior lounge, there are multiple supervisors throughout the week.
“The principal and assistant principals switch throughout the week along with two lunch ladies that come to clean up and wipe down the tables,” LMC supervisor Maria Kurdi said.
Kurdi is there every day and thinks the senior lounge is a very nice change for the seniors because it gives them their own space and helps with social distancing for everyone during lunch.
“The senior lounge is so cool because it is so much better than the regular lunchroom because there is fun music on and there are TVs for if we want to watch anything,” senior Jenna Williams said.
Murdock and Williams also like how the seniors get to leave a few minutes earlier than the rest of the grades so the lunch line isn’t as long and hallways aren’t as crowded.
“We decided to open up a senior lounge because with Covid we need as much social distancing as possible, and the lunchroom was getting too full because there can only be so many people at a table,” Kurdi said.
They also make sure that between each lunch they clean up everything and sanitize the tables.
“There is also a cool video game station in the senior lounge and you’re allowed to make your own playlist and hook it up to play your favorite songs,” Murdock said.
The senior lounge isn’t the only thing that’s new for RHS; just recently they reopened the Post but as of now, it is only open for seniors.
“I am so excited that we are slowly moving in the right direction and I know that the seniors are excited that they can go in there to hang out and get snacks,” Post manager and marketing teacher Elissa Cumiskey said.
From March 15-19, the Post is hosting a week of activities where students can enter in raffles, win gift cards, and receive free items from the Post for St. Patrick’s Day.
“The main reason we want to do this is to really show what’s offered in the Post and to earn more followers on our Instagram, @tradingpostrhs,” Cumiskey said.
On Monday, by tagging @tradingpostrhs on Instagram, students will be entered to win a free drink from the Post. On Tuesday, random items from the Post will feature shamrocks on their back and will be free of charge at the register. On Wednesday, students shopping while wearing green will be entered to win a Post gift card. On Thursday, all items in the Post that have green packaging will be marked down, and on Friday, whichever student finds the lucky gold coin wins gets a product of their choice.
“We are so excited to be doing something to promote the Post. We are calling this week #postofgold and we hope the students have fun with this and get some free items,” Cumiskey said.