Quiz Bowl team nears end of season, strong finish


Robert Curtiss

The RHS Quiz Bowl Team competing against Riverview in a match. Quiz Bowl coach Robert Curtiss said that despite winning matches like this one, They can be very close. “The questions are just as important as the opponents,” Curtiss said.

The RHS Quiz Bowl team will be finishing their season with a match against Lincoln Park on Wednesday, March 17.
The Quiz Bowl team has had a very solid season thus far, only losing one out of six matches. They are currently first in the league.
“We kicked off our season very strong. We had to start against some of the hardest teams like Flat Rock, Huron, and Woodhaven,” Quiz Bowl coach Robert Curtiss said. “We lost to Woodhaven, but we’ve won every other match. There have been some very close matches, though.”
Quiz Bowl has had to function in a different way this year compared to previous years. The matches are virtual, and eight of the 15 schools are competing this season.
“We have 15 teams in the league but only eight are competing online this year, so there have been some changes to the way we play,” Curtiss said. “We normally use buzzers but this year we haven’t, and we also have been practicing virtually to get acquainted with Google Meets.”
The team practices all together virtually in a format similar to the way normal matches are played.
“Most of our practices are me finding sample question sets so we can get down the cadence of a match and talk about current events that might come up during the match,” Curtiss said. “We also try to practice speed for the speed rounds, where there are 10 questions with five seconds to answer each.”
Curtiss has praised the team for their performance and variety so far in the season.
“All of our members are strong. Sam Bovee, our sophomore, has been an MVP. Other players like Megan Harper, Kelsey Wink, and Caleb Ave-Lallemant are also great,” Curtiss said. “My job as a coach is to make sure the team always has variety. There are always questions that some members will say, ‘I can’t answer that,’ and others will say, ‘I’m in, let’s go!’”
Team practice mostly focuses on getting the format and speed of matches down. Team members must hone their individual knowledge.
“I’d say my specialty is knowledge about music and information about companies that would otherwise not be very useful,” Quiz Bowl team member Caleb Ave-Lallemant said. “On my own time, I’ve tried learning about other things I don’t think I know enough about, like the presidents.”
The team will be facing Lincoln Park as their final match of the season. They are doing their best to stay focused and work hard to win this last game.
“We never want to be overconfident before a match because anything can happen,” Quiz Bowl team member Kelsey Wink said. “This is our last regular match of the season, so there’s some pressure to do well, but we’re focused on practicing hard to do our best.”
If the team can win their match against Lincoln Park, they will finish as number one in the league.
“If we win this one, we will be bringing home the trophy, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed,” Curtiss said. “Afterwards, we’re thinking about entering the state tournament in April, but it works differently, so we’ll have to make sure that it works with everyone’s schedules.”