Coffee Lounge opens to positive student reception


Finn Gomez

The entrance to the Coffee Lounge on Biddle and Oak behind R.P. McMurphy’s Patio

Wyandotte has lacked a locally-owned place to enjoy a cup of joe, and relax with fresh-baked local pastries downtown, and the Coffee Lounge aims to do just that.
Having opened in February, they have quickly become a hotspot for a quick cup of fresh-roasted coffee in a large variety of flavors and varieties. They also offer smoothies, hot chocolate, and various other drinks.
Along with drinks, the Coffee Lounge has partnered with Sweet Arrangements Candy & Dessert Shoppe on Biddle and Sycamore to receive fresh-baked brownies, cookies, scones, and more.
Senior Madison Murdock has visited multiple times since they opened, and has enjoyed every visit. “I think it’s awesome to have somewhere local that sells good products, I like Starbucks, but I’d rather support a local business.”
Wyandotte is full of lots of small, family-owned businesses, and always has been. Local hotspots like Joe’s Hamburgers and Stroh’s Ice Cream have both been long-time staples of Wyandotte’s vibrant downtown.
“I can totally see The Coffee Lounge becoming a staple of Wyandotte. It has great drinks and amazing pastries,” Murdock said.
There have been past attempts to open a coffee/tea shop in downtown Wyandotte, but unfortunately, they have mostly failed. Promenade Artisan Foods attempted to open a sister restaurant years ago, but it wasn’t successful and went under.
“We thought Provence Cafe was going to make it on Sycamore and Biddle, but it was too much of a niche. I think The Coffee Lounge is much more of an all-around shop with lots to offer,” said Murdock.
Junior Francesca Giammalva normally is an avid Tim Hortons customer but has recently begun frequenting the Coffee Lounge as well.
“I think the toasted coconut flavor of the day is just amazing, I also love the strong community feeling that you get when you walk in,” said Giammalva.
The sense of community comes from the owners of the Coffee Lounge, employing local workers and also owning an adjoining business. The Hair Lounge across the street is owned by the same owners of the Coffee Lounge.
“I’m pretty sure my mom or one of my aunts actually goes there, and they love it. It’s terrific to see the businesses in Wyandotte come full circle,” said Giammalva.
Wyandotte is no stranger to family-owned businesses, and many businesses downtown have connections. Frank’s Pizza was recently bought by one of the owners of Whiskeys on the Water, and Joe’s Hamburgers also owns The Silver Ballroom.
“I really do think it’s amazing that families have such great success owning small businesses in Wyandotte. It keeps the money in the community and helps us grow,” said Giammalva. Sophomore Sam Cost, a self proclaimed coffee-lover, can’t wait to see how much better The Coffee Lounge will be than her usual. “I honestly haven’t been yet, but I’m super excited to go and try their iced coffee, I can barely function without any caffeine in my system,” said Cost.
The only options prior to the Coffee Lounge opening were Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, and Starbucks. This led to others who craved a more sophisticated cup of coffee traveling farther out of Wyandotte.
“When I wanted a good drink and sweet treat, I’d normally go to Promenade. But I’ve heard from a few of my friends that it’s really good and tastes so much better than anywhere else, so I’m definitely going soon,” said Cost.
The Coffee Lounge has certainly made an impact in the community as well and draws a lot of attention. One employee, Shellie Jones, said that they had over 300 unique customers in one day, just a week after opening.