RHS offers 2 new AP Classes for 2021- 2022


Emily MacIntyre

Flyers for upcoming AP classes have been posted around the school to help promote to students.

In efforts to increase class options for students, RHS has added two new advanced placement classes (AP) available to juniors and seniors for the 2021-2022 school year.
“Ms. Stiles will be the AP Art History teacher and Mr. Wymore will be the AP Economics teacher,” guidance counselor Jim Babody said.
AP classes are much different from regular level classes in plenty of different ways, one of those being how long the class lasts.
“AP Econ will be covering more material than on-level economics; this can only be done if AP Econ is a year-long class, whereas regular economics is just a semester long,” Marshall Wymore said.
Along with this new addition, there will be AP Art History, differing from the typical art survey class.
“It’s basically a history class with pictures. I tried incorporating history in the rest of my classes but they revolted, they just wanted to make stuff,” Stiles said.
It is no secret that college tuition prices get higher every year, as salaries seem to lower, so rather than taking these classes in college, students can pay significantly less money and test out for credits while still in high school
“Over the past few years, Dr. Cost, the Board of Education, and RHS administration has sought to introduce more AP courses to match the variety of AP offerings in other area districts,” Wymore said “College tuition prices continue to rise, so one way to combat this is for students to take AP courses in high school
A lot goes into making the decision of adding AP classes to the curriculum, there are many people that have to approve and look over the information before a final decision can be made.
“A teacher makes a proposal to the administration here and also to our curriculum coordinator for the district, then they draw out a plan for everything, then it goes to the superintendent,” Bobody said “Once everything is in order it goes before the school board and then they must approve the class.”
There is always the question in the air of why are these classes just now being added, why haven’t they been there before.
“As soon as these classes get approved we try and get available to students as soon as possible, and next year is that time,” Babody said.