Varsity basketball team fight their way to victory against Lincoln Park


Lucie Gripp

Junior Ethan Breaux jumps to shoot the ball but is blocked by Lincoln Park’s number 15 mid air. The two collided resulting in a foul on the rail splitters.

At their game on St. Patrick’s Day, the varsity basketball team won in a close game against the Lincoln Park Railsplitters.
The game started off slow with the first basket being a layup shot made by the railsplitters with only two minutes left in the quarter. Seconds later, Senior Jalin Pitchford clapped back with a layup shot of his own. From there the pace of the game took off with the final score of the first quarter being 5-2 in favor of the Bears.
The Bears kept their lead in the second quarter by keeping the same pace as the first with a score of 14-12 in favor of the bears again.
The speed of the game picked up in the third quarter as a back and forth between the team built up. Notable moments from the quarter were Senior Rutch Adkins three point shot and the rebound shot made by Seniors Ethan Saenz and Richard Clark. The quarter ended with the Bears leading by one point, 30-29.
The game did not slow down after the third quarter. The teams began to pass the lead back and forth exchanging baskets. With the game tied 42-42 and 30 seconds left on the shot, Saenz killed time by holding onto the ball and staying back. With only 10 seconds left and a tied game, the Bears rushed the basket trying to score for the win, but the Railsplitters defense prevented any basket being made and the game went into overtime.
Looking back on the quarter, the team noticed a few windows for points they missed.
“We definitely could have knocked down a couple of easy shots in this quarter so we wouldn’t have been in such a tight game,” Pitchford said.
In overtime, the game became even more of a nail-biter with both teams rushing one and other exchanging baskets and tying the score up once again at 48-48. Lincoln Park began picking up momentum and started to dominate over the bears. As the intensity picked up, both teams’ defenses got messy and the referees issued lots of fouls. Lincoln Park began picking up momentum and started to dominate over the bears.
Ultimately the fouls worked in favor of the bears with Saenz making both penalty shots with 3 seconds left in the game securing his team the win with a final score of 50-48.
“Ethan Saenz was definitely the most impactful player today, especially after he made the game-winning shots,” Senior Emmanuel Pashukewich said.
Saenz alone was responsible for 26 points for the bears this game. The team overall is proud of their performances on the court today.
“We played some of the best basketball we have played all year today,” Pitchford said.
Despite the positivity, the team is looking at how they fell short today as well.
“The overall performance today was rougher than it should have been and it was really a tough game, but we stuck together as a team and got the dub,” Clark said.
The team’s record is now 5-11 and they play next on March 25 at 5 PM against Riverview.