Competitive cheer takes on leagues


Lucie Gripp

The Roosevelt High School Competitive Cheer Team hits their stunt combination in round three with only a few bobbles. The team nailed all three rounds with all tumbling stuck and no stunts dropped.

The competitive cheer team hosted and competed at leagues on March 16.
Going into leagues, the team knew they had to step up their game since they would be competing against different teams than usual.
“Leagues are really important because we usually don’t go against D2 teams such as Allen Park, Carlson, Southgate, and Trenton. But since we are in the same league we do for this competition. Teams like Allen Park are usually really good so we knew we needed to perform the best we ever had if we wanted to place well,” senior Hailey Grace said.
The competition looked a lot different than years prior for the girls because of the precautions taken for Covid.
“At Leagues, everyone had to wear masks as usual and we were expecting to compete with three other teams in person, but that did not happen,” Grace said. “Woodhaven had to drop out of the competition last minute so we only competed face to face with Allen Park and Carlson.”
Though Woodhaven dropping out was unexpected, none of the teams let it distract them. All three teams hit all three rounds with only a few stunts bobbling making it a close competition.
“We ended up placing third beating Trenton, Southgate, Lincoln Park, and Edsel Ford. Carlson came in second and Allen Park came in first place,” Grace said. “I am really proud of the entire team because we got the highest scores we have had all season and beat our rival team, Southgate, for the first time ever.”
Grace’s sense of pride is shared by the entire team.
“This was one of our best performances we have ever done. We got our highest score in round one yesterday and we held up with two state champion teams which I think really proved how much we wanted this and how much we have improved,” sophomore Mickenzie Schram said.
The team feels this improvement is credited to the level of teamwork they have developed throughout the season.
“Ever since we started practicing, even when we didn’t know if we would actually have a season or not, everyone just stepped up their game. Everyone is becoming impactful towards the whole team, whether it’s leadership, skill, whatever the case may be we all just took it to the next level this year,” senior Kya Garner-Minnick said.