Boys Swims to strong season without senior leadership

Sophomore Caden Sauve prepares himself to dive into a new team PR in the 200 Free Relay with Jose Hinojosa, Riley Green, and Jack Vaduva.

The RHS boys swim team has faced a season full of changes. Covid restrictions, shortened meets, and the lack of seniors have all played a part in making this year’s team different from the last.
Sophomore Caden Suave, this year’s captain, has been swimming for ten years and swims the 200 free, 100 free, 200 free relay, the 400 free relay, and the 100 butterfly.
“I really like the ability to be with my friends all the time, and being with them in the pool is just amazing,” Sauve said. “The season went really well, especially for only having half the season. I was able to improve my times a lot.”
Caden Sauve holds the title of Captain and is a great leader and an even better teammate.
“The season was basically cut in half, we normally have 14 meets, but this year we had 7. It was a change that we had to overcome,” said Suave. “I’m looking forward to the ability to have team bondings again.”
Sophomore Owen McMath, a first-year member of the team, joined because of a push from his friends. “It was a very fast-paced season, but so much fun. I’m really glad my friends made me join,” said McMath.
McMath swims the 50 meter, the 100 meter, the 200 free relay, and the 400 free relay.
“As a first-year member, I enjoyed the sense of family that immediately was formed when I joined,” said McMath. “I wish I would’ve joined earlier, but I’m definitely looking forward to next year and the year after.”
The 20-21 boys swim team consists of every grade level except for seniors. Sophomore Riley Green, a four-year member of swimming, has big plans for next year’s team.
“This year’s team gave it their all, compared to last year where not everyone was on their A-Game, this year everyone really worked their hardest because it was such a short season,” said Green.
The normal swim season is made up of close to 14 meets and has the swim team traveling all over the league to compete.
With Covid restrictions in place, many meets were canceled due to swimmers testing positive, school closings, or just having fewer spectators in the stands.
“Honestly, I’m just really looking forward to a normal swim season, I love being with the boys and can’t wait to give it my all next year,” said Green.