Miklaski, Luscomb earn ICDC International Finalists in DECA


Photo Courtesy Emily Miklaski


On Friday, April 30th Juniors Emily Miklaski and Brooklyn Luscomb were the only students from RHS to compete in ICDC International Finals.
Miklaski and Luscomb’s project was about Project Management Service and the Wyandotte Tees Pop-Up Shops.
“To prepare for finals we did practice zooms with Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Cumiskey and other former DECA judges. They helped us rehearse our project and get a feel for what it was going to be like,” Miklaski said.
Finals were presented over Zoom just like the previous competitions this year.
“We competed over zoom and were put in a waiting room until our judge was ready, once they were ready we started our presentation along with answering all the questions they had for us,” Luscomb said.
There were 18 groups in their event that also made it to finals.
“We revised our script to make it as strong as possible, and this is definitely the best we have done all year,” Luscomb said.
Miklaski and Luscomb were the only students from RHS that made it to finals this year.
“Right before we competed, we were very nervous. The whole situation was very nerve racking but we were also so excited because we have been prepping and working hard for this all year,” Miklaski said.
Miklaski and Luscomb were chosen in the top 18 out of 200 sales projects that were submitted across the country.
“I think our sales project was chosen because not many schools have the ability to do what we do for Wyandotte like having a pop up shop,” DECA adviser Elissa Cumiskey said.
For Miklaski and Luscomb’s project they presented it on the Wyandotte Tees pop-up shops which included both the fall and holiday shops.
“Many schools have stores in their school, but for them to reach out twice in our city is a thing that I don’t think a lot of schools around the country have the ability to do, especially with Covid,” Cumiskey said.