Honors Night still celebrating senior success, but in adjusted way

Honors Night was held on Thursday, May 20 when many seniors were awarded scholarships in honor of their accomplishments.
This year the seniors and their parents lined up in the commons awaiting to be guided into the cafeteria one family at a time.
Assistant Principal Patrick Hickey, Principal Benjamin Reynolds, and Assistant Principal Lisa Wojtowicz led the honored seniors on stage to announce their award while their parents watched standing in front of the stage.
Many of the parents commented on the process saying, “It was easier to take pictures” and “took way less time” since the parents were only allowed to see their child receive their awards.
After the recognized seniors received their congratulations and took a few pictures, they were escorted out through the cafeteria doors.
“I loved that I was only there for 15 minutes,” senior Katelyn Bezzo said. “I was able to still celebrate with my family afterwards.”
Senior class treasurer Finn Gomez was awarded the Instrumental Music Education and performance Scholarship and vice president Madison Murdock was also awarded the Female Alumni Athletic Boosters Scholarship and the undecided major scholarship.
Stella Moline was also awarded multiple scholarships including Dorris Reveal Stevenson Scholarship, Female Alumni Athletic Boosters Scholarship, Janel Maque Memorial Scholarship, and the MEA/WEA Scholarship.
Drafting teacher Natalie Rankine, Wilson teacher Mary Cahalan, and Machine Shop teachers Paul Ciaravino were also present at the event to give awards to students.
Jason W. Johnson was awarded the Corky Hancock Memorial Scholarship along with Alec Brovont who was also awarded Machinist of the Year.
The Corky Hancock Memorial scholarship is a scholarship founded in 2015 given to students who are entering the skilled trades.
Ciaravino gave each of his students a present including a new tool box and tools.
“By him donating tools, it showed us that he believes that we will go further in mechanics, and it gives me motivation,” Johnson said.
Many of the seniors were rewarded the Undeclared Major Scholarship which is a scholarship given to graduating students who are starting their college career with an undecided major.
The Wyandotte Education Association Scholarship was given to Dominic Nael who will be attending Lake Erie College.
This Honors Night was done unlike any previous years, but it was still important to recognize the class of 2021 for all they endured this year.