2021 drive-thru event is celebration for seniors

Similar to last year, administration hosted a senior drive-thru event for the Class of 2021 to say their final goodbyes to staff members.
“We started with elementary walks which was one of the kids’ favorite things, and we knew last year that it was not doable,” Principal Benjamin Reynolds said. “This was kind of designed to cover that, we did it to cover events safely and happily so the teachers and students had a chance to say goodbye.”
One of the main events of the senior drive thru is receiving all the paperwork and files the school has held from students’ time in Wyandotte and some extra gifts and prizes.
“[They got] their CA60 (school file containing transcript), diploma, commencement tickets, any club prizes or awards, a yearbook for anyone that didn’t pick it up, and a senior edition of the newspaper,” Administrative Assistant Sheri Arminiak said. “They also got goodie bags from municipal services and one from the teachers union.”
Since this year’s class was not allowed to host a senior all-night party, administration decided to bring the raffle to the drive thru.
“Mr. Garvey, a former teacher here, donated some money, so what they did was instead of doing fifty raffle prizes they did three hundred so each student received something,” Reynolds said.
With the drive-thru being one of the bigger events, a lot of people and planning goes into the process.
“It wasn’t really one person, Mr. Purdu and I threw out a ton of ideas just to honor seniors and Mr. Reynolds also had a ton of ideas,” Administrative Assistant Michelle Morris said.
This being the second year hosting the event many changes and positive improvements have been noticed.
“It seemed like way more kids wore their caps and gowns and more kids decorated their cars. Last year there wasn’t as much of that,” Reynolds said.
Though many senior events were allowed to happen this year, administration has thought to continue with the event for years forward.
“Arminiak said we should do it again this year,” Morris said. “I think it is very well received and we have fun doing it, so I see it going forward but that’s nothing official.”