Class officers for 21-22 school year being selected

Class of 2023 treasurer Caden Suave working on a machine in beginners auto.

Any current students who plan on running for a class officer or student council position had to submit a video recording of their speech on June 2, which will be sent out for voting from Friday June 4 through Sunday June 6 at noon.
Current junior class president Nina Steffin plans on running for the same position along with treasurer Bella Bitner and secretary Samuel Rankine.
“I choose to run because I want my classmates to be involved,” Steffin said. “I enjoy organizing memorable events and making sure each of my peers have the high school experience they deserve.”
Steffin will run for senior class president against Mariyah Reiman.
The current class officers of the class of 2022 have organized bottle drives, t-shirt sales, and multiple school events.
“Making sure all our senior events get planned well to ensure we don’t miss out on anything and have fun during all events leaving us with good memories of RHS is a goal of mine as president,” Steffin said.
For the Class of 2023, President Jack Vaduva, Vice President Harmony Bedikian, Treasurer Caden Sauve, and Secretary Jose Hinojosa are running again to represent the class of 2023 during the election as well. Bedikian will run against Angelite Rodriguez and Cody Wieczorek while all three other positions are running unopposed.
“My main goal for next year is to fundraise more money for my class, and to get the sophomore class more involved,” Vaduva said.
Vaduva also stated that he would like to focus on homecoming next year because the students weren’t able to attend a homecoming dance this year due to COVID-19.
“Fundraising is one of the most important jobs of a class officer,” class of 2022 current treasurer Bitner said. “You need money to produce shirts for your class, the homecoming banner, to host a dance, you basically need fundraising for anything you plan on doing.” Bitner is running against Miah Dmytrusz this year.
Funding for the classes was difficult this year because of social distancing regulations and zooming online.
“Being secretary has taught me that in order to be successful and have fun, you need teamwork and creativity,” Suave says, “This year really limited those factors so I am hopeful that we can learn from this to make next year one of our best.”
The student leaders believe that having experience helps them tremendously. They have learned how to deal with vendors, promote fundraising, get approval of future events, and fully understand the job of a class officer.
Promoting yourself during the election is important in order for people to acknowledge that you are running for office and help you get noticed.
Besides the students creating a video for their peers to watch before voting, the students post on social media such as instagram, snapchat, and twitter to gain support.
The current freshmen class was led this year by Lucy Moline. She will run again unopposed for President. The other three position for the class of 2024 are all being contested including Carter Halberstadt and Ania Toboy running for vice president, Ava Ball, Lauren Pelland, and Miranda Grant running for secretary, and Myah Greene, Anna Bunton, and Quinn Mittlestat running for treasurer.
This year the classes were not able to do much. The homecoming, lip sync, and winter dance were cancelled and fundraising was difficult.
Next year’s leaders are going to have a lot of catching up to do in order to make up the money and school spirit that was lost during the pandemic.