Class of 2021 representatives inspire others with their commencement speeches

After their performance of “West Side Story”, a song chosen by the class of 2021 band members, graduates in the band are called to stand up and be recognized for their time dedicated to the program.

Graduation commencements for the class of 2021 were held at the Yack Area on June 2, 2021. After the introduction from Principal Ben Reynolds, Class President Cordelia Krajewski gave a heartfelt speech about their time in high school.
“Truthfully, I didn’t think we would have a formal graduation. I’m pretty glad that I was wrong,” Krajewski said. “As a class, we have been through a lot together, we’ve survived a global pandemic together, and to be here graduating after the year we’ve had is an accomplishment in itself.”
In her speech, Krajewski discusses how the class of 2021 has been greatly impacted by Covid-19 and the majority of their senior year activities were adapted or not allowed to align with social distancing guidelines, including their graduation ceremony, he continued on to comment on the strength and resilience of her classmates.
“Everyone has been so strong throughout this entire school year, and I am genuinely so proud of everyone here for making it through this year in one piece,” Krajewski said.
Krajewski then goes on to thank those who have made a great impact in her life and concludes her speech with a spark of humor stating that maybe her entire class will be able to be together for their ten-year reunion.
After Krajewski, Valedictorian Kelsey Wink was brought forward to give her commencement address.
“To my fellow graduates, congratulations on graduating and making it through our crazy four years of high school, look how far we’ve come,” Wink said. “It feels like just yesterday that we were freshmen roaming the halls aimlessly trying to figure out where to go and now we’re graduating high school.”
Wink dedicated her speech to thank those who have helped her and her classmates get to the point that they are at now, noting how they managed to persevere through a pandemic while in high school and concluded her speech by stating that she cannot wait to see her classmates succeed in life.
The final graduate to present a commencement address was salutatorian Addison Tracy who gave an emotional speech discussing how she wished that she spent more time having fun with her loved ones and less time focusing on school work.
“Looking back, I’ve spent too much time worrying about assignments when I could have been with the people that I can about or working on something meaningful,” Tracy said.
At the end of her commencement address, Tracy stated that she hopes that she herself and her classmates focus on more things that make them happy going forward in life.
“As we enter the next stage of our lives, it is important to prioritize what we truly value and act accordingly,” Tracy said. “I think that our class can create significant change in the world around us and I hope that every one of you finds happiness and fulfillment in your lives.”