Blackledge, Halberstadt earn position on Pistons Youth Council

Carter Halberstadt was chosen through DECA to be part of the Pistons Youth Group representatives.

Junior Reese Blackledge and freshman Carter Halberstadt got the opportunity to be a part of The Pistons Youth Council, an opportunity provided to them through DECA.
“The Pistons Youth Council is designed to spread awareness on local issues within Detroit and to gain input from different demographics,” Blackledge said.
They meet once a month and discuss current events and plan or attend events centered around the program.
“Mrs. Cumsikey was kind enough to send me the application and from there I applied and underwent an interview before being chosen,” Blackledge said.
To apply they had a short form they had to fill out followed by an interview with seven people from the Pistons asking them questions about why they think they would make a good fit.
“I was talking to my friends and I got an email saying I was chosen, and I was so excited to tell my family and friends,” Halberstadt said.
The whole purpose of The Pistons Youth Council is to bring in younger students to share their ideas and initiatives.
“I think Carter and I received this opportunity because of Mrs. Cumiskey and Mrs. Jenkins’ encouragement and faith in us,” Blackledge said.
When they get together for their once-a-month meeting they meet at the Pistons Performance Center in Detroit.
“I personally feel really happy and excited to be able to make a difference in many people’s lives,” Halberstadt said.
So far they have had two meetings and discussed racial issues and equality.
They also started to pick a logo and started brainstorming how to get high schools involved. The program runs through next spring, so they will have many more opportunities to meet.
“I feel extremely blessed that I get to be a part of such a hands-on environment that gets to participate in the change happening around me. I feel like they value my opinions and ideas and I’m so thankful,” Blackledge said.