Child of RHS Alumnus becomes face of 2021 Block Out Cancer Campaign


Jake Conz

Brady and his mother Britney posing near the Block Out Cancer fundraising tracker.

Diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, a very rare eye cancer primarily found in children, Wyandotte resident Brady Phillips, the son of RHS graduate Britney Phillips, has become the face of the Block Out Cancer campaign for 2021.
“I noticed a glare in Brady’s eye… my gut just told me something was wrong,” Phillips stated in an interview for Wyandotte DECA.
Keeping the sense of community in Wyandotte, both of Brady’s parents were RHS alumni, creating a much bigger impact for this year’s campaign.
“They are Wyandotte residents and his parents went to high school here so I reached out to them,” DECA advisor Elissa Cumiskey said. ”They were just very eager to be a part of the whole campaign.”
The family has been fighting this battle for a while now. After being taken to an eye specialist last year, it was discovered Brady had a large mass behind his eye.
“He had a very aggressive tumor size and grade,” Phillips said. “It was going to be quite the battle to be able to take it out and save his eye.”
The family has been working to fight this ever since. Being diagnosed with cancer takes an emotional toll on not only the patient but the family as well, but looking at Brady it’s hard to tell.
“Most of his vision has been taken, but you would never know… he is so crazy and full of life and energy,” Phillips said.
DECA has done many different community outreach fundraisers over the years, from Pink Out to Gold Rush to Block out Cancer, but this year is unique in its own way.
“We really wanted to focus less on the money part but more on the awareness part,” DECA VP of Public Relations Francesca Giammalva said.
To help spread awareness of the cause, DECA hosts many different events and fundraisers to help the community get involved.
“We try to keep the costs of the shirts low so more people will get them. There are also jersey sponsorships, miracle minutes, along with band and cheerleading sponsorships,” Cumsikey said.
Some of the biggest ways to get involved in the cause are going to the Block out Cancer football game Friday, September 17th and wearing the apparel to create awareness.
“Brady will be at the game on Friday too, he will come out and do the coin toss with the football players,” Cumiskey said. “It just always comes together so beautifully, that’s why I love doing it every year.”