DECA hosts Block Out Cancer campaign

Senior DECA member, Elizabeth Richardson, sorts through Block Out Cancer merchandise in order to distribute it to the community.

In efforts to raise money for the cancer research program C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, DECA will hold their annual Block Out Cancer Game, on September 17.
“Block Out is important because it teaches our students and community the importance of giving back to others in need,” DECA advisor Elissa Cumiskey said. “It allows our marketing students to execute event planning skills and promotional strategies which are part of their curriculum.”
DECA does many things to raise money for Block Out including: selling jersey sponsors for the football players, cheerleaders, and band members, hosting miracle minutes, as well as selling apparel such as t-shirts and headbands.
“Each year jersey sponsors help us raise a lot of money, but selling apparel not only raises money but also gets people involved and spreads awareness,” Block Out project leader Francesca Giammalva said.
While this is a big project that utilizes the help of many students, the project is being led by Cumiskey and three seniors – Nina Steffin, Jake Conz, and Giammalva.
“I’m very excited to have this as my DECA project, not only do I get to be involved and help run an event, I get to be a part of something that is doing good for others,” Block Out project leader Nina Steffin said.
Each year DECA chooses to highlight a family affected by childhood cancer. This year is special to many because the sponsor is a Wyandotte resident whose mother, Britney Phillips, is Roosevelt alumni.
“This year, Block Out is special because we have a local resident, Brady Phillips, who is currently suffering from cancer,” Cumiskey said, “his parents went to high school at Roosevelt so they were very excited to be a part of the project.”
Every year DECA sets a goal of how much money they want to raise, with every year the goal being bigger than the last.
“Our goal is to raise more than we did in 2019; so over $25,000,” Cumiskey said.
To reach the goals they set, DECA depends on student and community member participation.
“People can get involved by buying apparel, buying tickets to the football game, and participating in the miracle minutes,” Giammalva said.
Miracle minutes will be held during 3rd hour at all the schools in the Wyandotte community. They will also be taking place throughout the football game on September 17th, and an hour long community wide miracle moment through venmo.