Ladies Lead Loud

Female dominated groups leading student section


Angel Gibson, Reporter

RHS has six student section leaders this year- seniors Katrina Caldwell, Lily Garcia, Grace Zalewski, Brooklyn Luscomb, Emily Miklaski, and Alex Moon -and for the first time, most of these leaders are female.
One head leader is chosen every year by the previous leader. This year, class of 2021 alum Seth Noggle passed the roll down to Caldwell. She then chose other girls to lead alongside her, and later in the season, invited Moon to join them.
“I actually think it’s cool being the only boy leader, I feel like it’s a flex,” Moon said.
Friday night football games are a time where a lot of the students get together and enjoy the game with friends. The leaders have many responsibilities through the football season such as picking the game themes, remembering all the chants and most importantly getting the students excited for games.
“In the beginning of the season we decide the themes. We make posters. We start cheers. And we just try to get everyone excited in the student section,” Miklaski said.
The leaders stated that they enjoy getting their class involved and that it has helped them with public speaking as they’re directing a large group every Friday night.
“Being a student section leader is exciting, and it’s also a little nerve racking,” Caldwell said.
Students in the section rely on the leaders to lead cheers and make the game exciting and interactive. Without their direction, the student section can’t cheer as one whole group.
“I like being a leader because I love getting the crowd hype and getting everyone involved in the student section,” Moon said.
Moon became a leader later than the girls so he was not present for the poster making and the theme decisions, but he plays an important role in raising school spirit in the section.
”My responsibilities are starting chants and posting about the themes for games either on twitter or snapchat,” Moon said.
Caldwell has the most responsibility at the games due to her position as head leader. However, she states that the other leaders are just as important to and involved with the atmosphere in the section.
“I feel like I’m a pretty hype person, and I enjoy going to the football games,” Caldwell said.”I went to all of them I’ve been able to in previous years, so I think it’s really important for me to go and be the leader and pass on that high energy and set the mood for the game.”
The student section leaders run a twitter account @20BearDen21 that they use to post themes and updates regarding all of the varsity football games.