Gardocki balances life between coaching, teaching, parenting


Gym teacher Rebecca Gardocki shows students how to properly and safely use benching equipment.

Aubrey Migoski and Dezeray Meyers, Reporters
Rebecca Gardocki is a new, high energy physical education teacher at Roosevelt High School balancing the life of being a mom and a hardworking employee.
“I start with my job first because that’s what keeps me and my family doing the things that we’re able to do,” physical education teacher Gardocki said.
Gardocki drinks caffeinated tea to get her started for the day. She is high energy which is necessary for the lifestyle she has chosen. Gardocki enjoys helping her students the best that she can.
“She’s positive in that she is going to get to know every student, which all of us as teachers do,” physical education teacher Rico Pascuzzi said. “We do our best to try and interact with all of them, but I’ve noticed that she is really getting to know each person as an individual.”
This is Gardocki’s first teaching job in Wyandotte Schools although she worked at a Montessori school and the Lincoln Park school district for 11 years.
Although this is her first WPS job, Gardocki is no stranger to Roosevelt. She graduated from Roosevelt High School in 2000. She also did her student teaching here with retired teacher Colleen Minor. She is excited to be back and put energy back into this school. Gardocki puts her energy into her job and coaching everyday.
She works her first half of the day at Roosevelt. She sets up everything for Pascuzzi early in the morning so he is set for the day until it is time for her to head to the middle school. She teaches there for the rest of the day and then coaches volleyball there after school.
“She’s always really positive…and I feel like she just loves what she does,” freshman Andrea Negrete said. Negrete is in Gardocki’s third hour PE class and knew her as a student in Lincoln Park as well.
Gardocki was also Negrete’s coach when Gardocki was at Lincoln Park. According to Negrete, Gardocki has always been motivated and supportive. She would always encourage students to do their best. She is a fun person to be around.
“…She teaches more about being responsible and stuff, taking care of ourselves, she’s really positive towards that way with it.” Negrete said.
The part of Gardocki’s day that she feels is a hobby and work is coaching eighth grade volleyball at Wilson Middle School with her former mentor teacher Coach Minor. Her practices end at five thirty every school day. After this long day she still manages to be a mom.
“The hardest part is, you know, being a mom…” Gardocki said.
She drops her daughter, Breanna, off everyday at her mom’s house right before school, but after is the time to help out. She makes dinner for her family and cleans up around the house. Afterwards, Gardocki finally heads home. According to Gardocki, Saturday is the day for her to do her chores and Sunday is the day to relax. Gardocki makes an impression on her four year old daughter by showing her how to help others around her.
“…She kind of sees me helping out everybody and obviously she’s right there helping me…” Gardocki said.
Gardocki is an energetic person who lives for the weekends. She loves to spend time with her daughter. Gardocki tries her best to get her daughter out to do things that she also enjoys like the pumpkin patch.
Between work and being a mom, Gardocki has a hard time taking a moment to herself. She always feels like she needs to be keeping herself busy. According to Gardocki, she plans everything beforehand. She lives on schedules.
Behind all the madness of her daily routine, her motivation comes from her love for helping people. She is a coach, mother, and overall a great addition to the Roosevelt Staff.
“She is full of energy, bringing in some new ideas, and I am excited.” Pascuzzi said.