Math teacher Polenz leaves RHS


Polenz writes notes teaching his 5th hour geometry class segments.

Math teacher Eric Polenz’s last day before heading to Wilson Middle School is October 21, 2021.
“I’m enjoying my time here [at RHS], but I guess I was ready for a challenge,” Polenz said.
According to Polenz, this has been his first teaching position since being a student teacher for a semester in Dundee, Michigan. Polenz has been teaching at RHS for nine years and was ready for a change; he will be taking on the role of an eighth-grade math teacher at Woodrow Wilson Middle School.
Although Polenz has decided to leave, he stated that he will miss the surrounding environment of RHS.
“There are a lot of good people here, family atmosphere, and the kids are nice, the staff is nice,” Polenz said.
He has made an impact on his students just as much as they have impacted him. He used a teaching style that worked for his students and made it possible for them to succeed.
“I will miss his formality because it was really just the way that he used a lot of hypothetical questions in his teaching,” Junior Jack Cullen said. “Always explaining different learning styles to get to your solution, it really just opened up a lot of students.”
Polenz used many teaching styles to help kids learn his subject. Freshman Hannah Christie mentioned how she hopes that the new teacher follows in his shoes.
“I hope that the new teacher will make sure they have connections with us to where he [or she] likes to talk to us or likes to have conversations with us and doesn’t just teach,” Christie said.
According to Cullen, Polenz has always been more than a teacher, he has been a mentor and a confidant for Cullen.
“It was more than just teaching because it went beyond the classroom,” Cullen said.
Cullen believes that the connections Polenz had with his students benefited the learning environment. He wishes the best for him in his new position. His teaching skills have caused students to have high expectations for the upcoming teacher.
Cullen hopes that the new teacher comes with new values and new connections. He mentioned that he believed that everyone did well in Polenz’s class because students could strive and prosper in his classroom due to Polenz’s way of teaching. The middle school will now benefit from this style.
“Sometimes it’s time to go and sometimes it’s time to stay,” Polenz said.