Ghost in the Post Halloween week discounts


Marketing students sitting in the post enjoying lunch around the Halloween decorations

The Post is hosting a Halloween event every day for a week starting Monday of October 25 that all RHS students can participate in.
“In tenth grade, I went to the post barely knowing what the event was and I grabbed a drink and there was a ghost on it so I got the drink for free,” senior employee Kailey Gorecki said.
The DECA students put a lot of work into this event
“It isn’t just one person planning, everyone is involved in some type of way,” senior employee Elizabeth Richardson said.
The event that most students participate in is where you pay one dollar and send a ghost and card to a classmate with a sucker.
“It’s a fun and simple way to get involved. You can simply send a ghost to one of your friends to make their day a little brighter,” Gorecki said.
This week of events is run by marketing teacher Elissa Cumiskey and her entrepreneurship students so it’s always great when they have a good turnout during the week.
“Mrs. Cumiskey posted an assignment to her class and asked what themes we should do for Halloween week in the post,” Richardson said. Then she will pick the best ones and we make little signs that have ghosts on them with the theme for one of the days.”
This event is fun to be a part of and all students should at least participate by going in and checking it out at least one day during the week.
“You can participate in small festive activities and there are chances to get free food of course,” Gorecki said.