NHS welcomes new leaders

In their meeting held in the LMC Mezzanine, NHS members direct their attention to the new advisor for a presentation.

This year, the National Honors Society (NHS) welcomed teachers Katie McCabe and David Trusewicz as advisors for the organization.
The club is for juniors and seniors who have earned a 3.5 GPA or above and meet the required school and community service hours. Membership is determined by an RHS faculty council and the NHS advisors and is based on the national standards of scholarship, leadership, character, and community service. Students who meet the qualifications are inducted into NHS. The expectations and the purpose of NHS have not changed due to the new advisors as it is a national organization.
“I just want to make sure that I keep the club at the same level that it was before when I was in NHS back in high school,” English teacher, new advisor, and alumni Trusewicz said.
As many know science teacher David Blake and English teacher Lelas. Blake has taken on the position for many years and has decided to step down, giving the position to McCabe and Trusewicz.
“They are doing well so far, they have been very supportive and helpful with us as the new NHS officers and I can tell they are going to be a good addition this year,” NHS vice president senior Miah Dmytrusz said.
With the new advisors being welcomed into the club some new officers have been elected by the other club members this year. Along with Dmytrusz as vice president, Jaedyn Rybicki will serve as President and Noelle Robertson as senior secretary.
“My goals this year are to guide the meetings in the right direction and work with the other officers to make this the best experience possible. This is such a great opportunity and I’m so excited and honored to lead,” Dmytrusz said.
Along with passing down the positions, the Blakes’ are also passing down the knowledge they have built running the club and they are making sure the new advisors have a good understanding of what needs to be done.
“My current goal is to make sure we’re taking on the role that Mr. and Mrs. Blake did last year and they’re helping to mentor us this year and make sure we can improve on different opportunities and be a good outlet for them,” math teacher McCabe said.
With the Blakes being the advisors for several years they’ve built several traditions and have had a foundation structure over the years. Trusewicz and McCabe intend to only improve the club and help the students who participate as much as they can.
“The Blakes have done so much with the club and I just want to make sure that I keep those traditions going and I want to make Mr. and Mrs. Blake proud obviously,” Trusewicz said. “I want to make sure I do well by Roosevelt High School.”
Trusewicz and McCabe are both fairly new teachers so this will be a new experience for them both.
“Taking on this position is going to be really fun,” McCabe said. “I really enjoy having students who are part of NHS their the brightest and best RHS has to offer and it’s great to participate because I don’t normally get to see them every day in class,”
It’s a big task to take on this position because it is such a widespread club and even the new teachers have mixed feelings about it.
“I feel very nervous taking on this position because everyone knows NHS, there are so many different chapters throughout the country,” Trusewicz said. “But obviously I think it’s a huge honor to get this position passed down upon me, but it’s a lot of pressure too but I’m ready to take this on and I’m really excited.”