Seniors dominate Powerbuff volleyball game

The Senior student section cheers for the senior boy’s volleyball team after the win. The theme for the student section was red with brooms.

The seniors took the win on October 27th at the Powerbuff game in the gym at 6 pm.
“The juniors won powderpuff so we just had to take it back and get that crown,” senior player Aden Jordan said. “It’s a good way to go out of high school. It’s an amazing feeling and I’m very proud of us.”
The seven seniors who coached the senior team were varsity volleyball players: Reese Blackledge, Marissa Loveberry, Emma Vermette, Grace Maslanka, Grace Zalewski, and Francesca Giammalva. The coaches for the junior team were junior volleyball players Maddison Rushlow, and Brooklyn Guyzik, along with three sophomores volleyball players Hannah Havilcheck, Megan Powell, and Avery Patrik.
“It’s fun because it’s nice to coach a sport that you typically play,” juniors’ coach Hannah Havilcheck said. “You just get to have a fun time and enjoy it with your friends.”
The game was scored by the best two out of three with scoring up to 25 points. The seniors ended up with the victory, their first game being 27-25 and their second 25-21.
“I mean, we had challenges sometimes with listening to what each player wanted to do,” juniors’ coach Megan Powell said. “Between the four of us, I think we managed it.”
The boys worked hard to get all the positions down and perfected.
“We worked really hard as a team, practice really paid off and we really played our best tonight,” senior player Aiden Callan said.
Everyone got the chance to participate and the players were able to play the positions that they felt fit them best.
“I’m very confident in the team,” senior coach Resse Blackledge said. “I feel like they [the senior team] have been working super hard at practice and their listening skills are a lot better than I anticipated.”
The event took place as a fundraiser for volleyball and is an RHS tradition.
“It [Powerbuff] is a fun way to bring everyone together, and just have some friendly competition before the end of volleyball season approaches,” Blackledge said.
Making the event special, juniors and seniors were able to have uniforms ordered by marketing teacher Elissa Cumiskey and designed by the varsity volleyball players. Additionally, the players were given the opportunity to choose their numbers.
“I think it’s fun to go out there and compete against your peers,” senior player Hudson Hill said, “especially with a sport that guys don’t usually play.”