Teen Task Force positivity brings together students


Zach Allman

Maria Sutka playing Uno with Virgil Pepke, a Teen Task Force member

Every Monday in the LMC, you can meet with the Teen Task Force to get organized, play board games, hang out with friends and meet new ones.
“The best part about this club is that the kids are choosing to be in a positive and educational environment, ” school social worker and Teen Task Force founder Maria Sutka said.
This allows students to form connections with positive adults and other students that could be lifelong friends. During all lunches, you can eat with adults that offer guidance, play board games, and talk about mental health issues with trusted people
“We play board games – mainly Uno – and talk about mental issues and connect with more people around us,” Teen Task Force co-president senior Fieldon Hall said.
Mental health has been a big problem in America for a while. 47 million Americans, according to mhanational.com, battle their mental health. That’s what the Teen Task Force really touches down on, they have the therapy dogs around every Monday as well.
“I want to help support people that might be going through what I’ve gone through,” co-president of the Teen Task Force senior Emilie Tewell said. “Make them feel a little happier.”
The Teen Task Force hopes to inspire teens to make good decisions and take care of their mental and physical health as well as have better social skills and more self-confidence.
“I hope to inspire, empower, and leave an impact with people who are going through some really difficult stuff,” Hall said. “It helped me be more social and create better conversations and bring me out of my comfort zone and make me more self-confident,” Hall said.
Teen Task Force members feel that people should join their club because they’ll get the benefits of the social aspect, the mental health support, the positive environment, and the opportunity to interact with therapy dogs.
“I joined because of some mental health issues,” Hall said. “It made me want to be there for the other people that might also be going through this.”
The Teen Task Force will begin meeting twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, after November 4 in the LMC during all lunches.