Every applying RHS senior gets accepted into MSU during on site admissions


Grace Zalewski

Jordan is holding one of the booklets that was given to the students who participated at the MSU college visit. He is talking to Morris about the different programs MSU has to offer after he was accepted at the onsite visit.

For the class of 2022, every RHS senior who participated in the on-site admissions was accepted into Michigan State.
This is the first year that every senior has made it into MSU on-site since Career Counselor Michelle Morris has taken over the position.
“This was the first year that I’ve done it that everybody who signed up to participate in the onsite admissions was accepted. We had 31 kids that did the onsite and were accepted. Usually, I have a couple that are waitlisted and normally have one or two students that are denied,” Morris explained.
According to Morris, there are only a few schools that are chosen to do the onsite admissions for MSU each year. Normally, the students who want to participate in the onsite will go to the regular information visit where MSU comes to visit RHS and the students will have the opportunity to sign up for the onsite then. After, students will turn in their applications to Morris a week before the onsite takes place and she will print out transcripts along with additional information. Once all students turn in their applications, MSU administrators will pick the application up at the school and review them in preparation for the onsite.
“This year the onsite was on November 12, and the administrator said he would pick the applications up on November 1. For the students, I told them October 29 because I knew most of the kids would need the weekend in case they didn’t have their application completed yet,” Morris said.
For senior Grace Maslanka, she explained that the onsite was beneficial to her because she was able to know right away whether she was accepted into MSU. The application process for Maslanka was much more straightforward than she anticipated and was proud that she and the rest of her class were able to be accepted into MSU.
“I was surprised to hear that everyone who did the onsite was accepted into state because I know that it normally doesn’t work out that way, but overall I’m proud of my class for all being accepted and I feel like it’s a big weight lifted off of all our shoulders,” Maslanka said.
Senior Aden Jordan had a similar thought process to Maslanka’s and explained he had no problems with the application process with participating in the onsite. MSU is one of Jordan’s top choices in schools because the school has his specific major, Zoology, that he wants to pursue in his future. Overall, he was glad to hear that he and the rest of his class were able to make it into MSU since everyone who participated put in their best effort with their applications.
“I’m proud that everyone who did the onsite was able to make it in, and I know that for most of the people who participated wanted to make it into state because it was their top choice,” Jordan said. “And with everyone who goes there, I know they will like the campus because of all the opportunities that state has to offer.”
Future seniors who chose to do the onsite will be able to find out if they were accepted into MSU quicker along with a fee waiver for their application. Morris hopes that students next year will continue to reach out to her in order to have the best options to pick the right college for their future. She is overall proud of the 2022 class for their effort of getting their college applications done early.
“This class in the last couple years has reached out the most to me with concerns about applying for colleges and scholarships than any other class this early in the year,” Morris said.