Roosevelt cheer standing out loud and proud


Lucie Gripp

The Roosevelt High School Competitive Cheer 2020-2021Team hits their stunt combination in round three with only a few mistakes. The team nailed all three rounds with all tumbles stuck and no stunts dropped.

The Roosevelt Cheer team is practicing their way to upcoming competitions, they’re head coach this year is Bobbie Haidy, and have different competition in comparison to prior years.
“This year our competition is different than previous years, we are in district 3 this year which consist of teams like Sterling Heights, Anchor Bay, Stevenson, Dakota, Lans Cruz North, and teams that many people don’t know about that are pretty far away,” junior cheerleader Kendyl Stelter said.
But the team has in mind some teams that would be good competition for them this season, and they are keeping an eye out and trying to better themselves accordingly.
“I think our biggest competition will be Rochester Adams High School because they’re also in the same division and they have great motions and really work together as a team,” senior Kailyn Franz said
With the team having twenty-eight girls, there is a wide variety of skills and a lot of room to see what everyone is capable of.
“Our strengths on the teams are tumbling, we have a lot of good skills, and a lot of strong people,” senior cheerleader Bella Cappuccilli said. “But our weakness is probably stunting, we have been having trouble with stunning and we had to revamp our whole round three, but we will get through it and hopefully we can add those cool stunts back in halfway through the season.”
A major goal for the team this year is making it to states, since they have come up short in recent years, and have been competing really well as a whole. Since Covid is continually a concern, making adjustments is a must this year.
“We do have to wear masks while competing so we have to make sure we’re loud enough to hear through them, but I think we’re doing really well with that aspect and have some really good voices,” Stelter said.
Cheer is a combination of stunts and motions but the team states that more importantly, it revolves around leadership, teamwork, a positive attitude, and the passion to become a better person through athletics.
“We need to definitely believe we can do it and have the right mindset and stay positive so we can have a successful season,” Stelter said.