Varsity bowling team striving for excellence


Wy-Hi Yearbook

Junior Zach Murray bowls in a competition during the 2020-2021 season.

This year’s bowling team is working up to an exciting season. Many of last year’s players are returning to the squad, the boys’ varsity bowling team is and are ready to succeed this season.
“My varsity team looks very strong,” said coach Ronny Sheeler said. “We’ll probably be one of the top teams in the season for us, so I’m hoping for a good season this year.”
Senior Jacob Vernier, one of the team’s top bowlers, is very optimistic about this year’s season as well.
“I’m really confident for this season,” Vernier said. “We have a pretty stacked team this year.”
The varsity team has nine returners and only one player that has not returned from the previous year.
“Last year we improved greatly and had a good season last year, and I’m hoping for a better one this year,” Sheeler said.
One thing that many of the bowlers are talking about is a new oil pattern on the lanes. The lanes have oil that is spread onto them to help the ball glide down the lane.
“If there wasn’t any on the lane, everyone would probably do very bad, it’s just the easiest way to efficiently get the ball down the lane,” Vernier said.
The pattern in which they currently have in place is called the phantom pattern where there is more oil on the outsides of the lane.
“It helps most for some of my one-handed bowlers,” Sheeler said. “Jacob is a two-handed bowler so for him, he puts a high spin on the ball but for my one-handers, we’re gonna run into issues where they’re gonna have to play a lot more carefully as far as playing the outside of the lanes,” Sheeler said.
Last year, the team was able to make fourth in the Downriver league, but this year, many of the players are speculating to be able to take first in the league. But this won’t happen without competition.
“Last year we came fourth in the league,” junior Nick Webster said. “This year we are hoping to take first or second because Woodhaven lost a few good players.”
Woodhaven was one of their biggest competitors last year and the Bears are hopeful that they will be able to overcome that team in order to win the league championship.