New math teacher takes over


Nilah Haugabook

Ostrowski teaches domain and range to her ninth-grade algebra students.

Rebecca Ostrowski has joined the RHS staff, teaching various math subjects from grades ninth to eleventh while taking over for math teacher Erik Polenz since he transferred to Wilson Middle School.
Teaching for nine years, Ostrowski comes to Roosevelt from Edsel Ford High School in Dearborn, Michigan.
“I did my student teaching here and loved it,” Ostrowski said. “I also live really close to here so it was just a nice way to cut my drive time.”
As a teacher at RHS, Ostrowski hopes to have self peace and control her stress levels.
“Not so much stress right now, I’m gonna work on controlling my stress levels,” Ostrowski said.
Ostrowski has added her personal touch to the classroom and made tons of changes that are to her liking.
“I added Christmas lights so it’s super colorful, it smells really nice now and I cleaned out everything that needed to be cleaned,” Ostrowski said.
Ostrowski is reviewing with her students and reteaching content that they may need to be refreshed on.
“We’ve been reviewing so far just because I came after they started learning stuff,” Ostrowski said. “They didn’t actually learn it.”
Students, including junior Samantha Rayes, have been giving positive feedback about Ostrowski so far.
“She’s really nice and likes good vibes. She also explains things more clearly when she teaches,” Rayes said.
At Ostrowski’s old school, she taught Algebra two and Precalculus. However, she now teaches Geometry and Pathways.
“I do miss teaching Algebra two and Pre Calc but I still do enjoy this,” Ostrowski said.
Freshman Mariah Ramirez also has been giving positive feedback about Ostrowski and what she likes about her.
“She’s really nice and flexible with assignments and she teaches well,” Ramirez said.
Ostrowski lives a simple life with her husband and dog and has a strong passion for teaching, she loves working with students and helping them prepare for their future.
“This is where I’m able to help students accomplish their dreams,” Ostrowski said. “I’m hoping to prepare them [students] for that after high school experience.”