DECA hosts Pop-Up Shop for Wyandotte Community


Nilah Haugabook

Downtown Wyandotte pop up shop open for business.

DECA’s annual holiday pop-up shop has recently opened and will be open 4-7 pm. on Wednesday-Friday and 12-6 pm on Saturday and Sunday.
It is being run by marketing teacher Elissa Cumiskey along with juniors Riley Tarnowski and Paige Olsen, who are in charge of the project this year. Other DECA members will also be helping to staff the shop.
“The DECA team is volunteering to work different hours of the day and help out,” junior DECA member Javarri Watts said.
The pop up shop is located at 2928 Biddle Avenue in a building named Dotte Shops, next to R.P McMurphy’s downtown Wyandotte, and it is now open for business.
“We get a good amount of customers,” Cumiskey said. “It is usually a range of about 8-15 customers a night in a couple hours.”
The pop up shop is open from 4-7 pm. on Wednesday-Friday and 12-6 pm on Saturday and Sunday.
The pop-up shop is a great student and parent store to visit and is also good for small gifts and Wyandotte gear.
“In the pop up shop we surprisingly are getting more parents than student customers coming in the store,”Olsen said.
The pop up shop has most of the same products that the Wyandotte Tees shop has in RHS.
“We have hats, hoodies, crewnecks, new holiday joggers, and we have a couple holiday items that were selling as well,” Cumiskey said.
According to Cumiskey the pop up shop had their best selling year in 2020 despite all the effects of Covid. They were able to make around $10,000 in profit last year.
“I think people were so motivated to get out of the house,” Cumiskey said. “It [the pop-up shop] is one of those events that people look forward to in our community every year.”
The pop up shop has about three people working each shift to help the store run properly and smoothly. They have two students and one adult working each shift at the different times.
The pop up shop has had a pretty successful selling rate so far this year, and they are hoping to keep that positive outcome for the remainder of the weeks that they are open.
“We made over $1,000 in sales these past days so it’s been pretty good,” Olsen said.
Watts has been learning new things since his involvement with the pop up shop this year, and is sharing what he enjoys about it.
“This is a good way for me to help learn some more about small businesses,” Watts said. “This will help me gain a leadership type of role, and I’m happy to be a part of such an incredible thing that we’re doing.”
Since this is Paige Olsen’s first year of helping out with the pop up shop she is ready to see how everything will go.
“I knew that we had it [pop-up shop], I didn’t really know it was a project and that students were able to help run it and volunteer, so it’s really cool,” Olsen said.
Cumiskey really enjoys doing this every year and enjoys running it with all the students and letting them be involved and learn more about business.
“It’s fun for the students, it’s fun for the community members to get a chance to shop because a lot of the time they’re not always able to come into the school building or it’s not convenient,” Cumiskey said. “It has the holiday twist on it and it’s fun for everybody because we play Christmas music and we have lots of fun.”
The pop-up shop’s last day selling will be December 17, 2021, so make sure to stop in and support DECA.