RHS Student Council hosts holiday spirit week

Starting on Monday, December 13, RHS students will be competing to see who will show the most spirit by dressing up throughout the week.
The grade with the most points will determine the winner of spirit week.
“If the class of 2022 wins this year they will be the reigning champs for two years,” senior Student Council President Jake Conz said.
On Monday, students can wear holiday pajamas and holiday themed socks. Tuesday will be Holiday Hats; Wednesday will be Flannel; Thursday students will be competing to see who can dress up as either Santa (seniors), snowmen (juniors), reindeer (sophomores), or elves (freshmen). Friday students will be challenged to wear the ugliest sweaters that they have.
Spirit week is being run by the student council who believes this is a great way to relax and enjoy time with friends and create a fun atmosphere in the school.
“Just being able to dress up and that only happens a couple times a year. It’s my favorite part,” sophomore Student Council Representative Myah Greene said.
While only being a week long, it’s a time that student council intends for friends to enjoy with each other and get some competition between the classes.
“I love seeing the grades compete between who is going to have more spirit and all the fun ideas for the week,” sophomore Vice President Lucy Moline said.
Student council states that they created this week so everyone can get a little break from their everyday lives to relax, have fun, and bond with each other.