DECA’s You Matter Hockey Game reminds people they are important

DECA student work to raise money for Roosevelt students in need

Every year for the past three years, Wyandotte DECA hosts a special event called the You Matter hockey game.

“The atmosphere is just a whole lot more different than a normal game,” senior varsity hockey player Aden Jordan said.

The You Matter game includes a special themed jersey sponsored by businesses and families, a miracle minute at the game, a 50/50 raffle, an event called chuck a puck in which fans can purchase hockey pucks and throw it into a bucket on the ice for a prize, and You Matter themed shirts; all of which benefits a charity called Operation Believe, an RHS organization that helps students struggling with mental health. But what goes into planning this charity game?

The two DECA members responsible for putting on the event are seniors Grace Maslenka and Kylie Sparks. This is their first year organizing the You Matter hockey game as their project for DECA.

“We’ve just been making shirt designs, and we put together raffle baskets and we set up the game with all the colors,” Maslenka said.

Another thing that makes the game different is the special jerseys printed from a local business that works closely with Wyandotte DECA to provide apparel for all school events named Accent Tees. Every jersey for the game is sponsored by a family or business.

“I’m going to be wearing a Cahalan jersey,” Jordan said. “Matthew Cahalan and a few other RHS students are the reason that the event was started, he was also a hockey player so it’s really important to his family.”

Operation believe, which is run by social worker Maria. Sutka, helps out students at our school who may need things such as a homecoming dress if they could not afford one.

Although the hockey game is mainly organized by Grace and Kylie, they also received help from the Apparel and Merchandising class who helped design and print the t-shirts.

“I use them [the sponsors] a lot for promotion and helping get the word out there,” Cusmisky said.

Although they do not have a required amount of money to raise, the DECA program hopes to raise about 4,000 dollars for Operation Believe as they have in previous years.