Its Snow Day Season

Teachers, students spend time relaxing, enjoying time off


Dezeray Meyers

Freshman Cruz Horrigan works hard on his history bell work on a work day in his world history classroom.

Snow days allow Roosevelt staff and students to spend time with family and have a break to play in the snow, stay inside, spend time with family, and relax.
“[On a snow day] I definitely look forward to just sleeping in because we don’t get to do that a lot especially during the week and it’s hard with our schedules and everything,” junior Brenna Harper said.
To many staff and students, snow days allow teachers and students to have a break from a stressful semester, sleeping in seems to be one of the biggest highlights.
“I look forward to not having the hustle and bustle in the morning because for moms and for kids going to school, the busiest time is in the morning,” geometry teacher Krissy Powers said.
According to English teacher Rachel Kirchoff, she looks forward to sleeping in as well. Kirchoff spends her time curling up inside and playing with her kids out in the snow. Powers also plays with her kids on snow days.
“We build a snowman, go outside, have snowball fights, do snow angels,” Powers said. “We bond a lot; we go outside; we play a little bit; we come inside, have some hot cocoa, take some baths so that kids can warm up.”
While Powers enjoys going outside and playing in the snow, others may just like to stay inside and enjoy the snow from the inside. According to history teacher Mark Diroff, he and his family stay inside and spend the day relaxing. Occasionally, they might go sledding or out to eat, but they mostly prioritize relaxation. Freshman Cruz Horrigan agrees with Diroff that snow days are a good day to relax.
“I’d rather spend a snow day sleeping in for the wintertime and just relaxing,” Horrigan said.
When he is not relaxing, Horrigan is usually shoveling snow for profit soon followed by more relaxation. On the other hand, Harper has other plans when it comes to a snow day. She mentions how she sleeps in and wakes up to a big breakfast presented by her mom and then heads out to hang out with her friends.
Although sleeping in is a fan favorite, there are still some disadvantages of a snow day. Harper thinks it has a disadvantage academically due to missing so many days due to COVID last year.
“Especially now because of COVID, it would definitely be a disadvantage because we’ve already missed so much from getting out of school early [her] freshman year because of COVID,” Harper said. “And then barely having the school year last year. It would definitely be a challenge.,”
Kirchoff looks forward to snow days and does superstitions with her kids such as putting an ice cube down the toilet, in hopes of a snow day. But she mentions how a snow day can be difficult when it comes to lesson planning.
“I feel like we’re always crunched for time trying to squeeze things in. And then after Christmas break before exams, we’re always crunched for time and trying to squeeze things in. So we have to kind of adjust like lesson planning wise. And so that can be a little bit difficult,” Kirchoff said.
Diroff mentions how everyone deserves a break from the stressful situations life may throw at us. Regardless if you are a student or a teacher, snow days are a nice time to spend time with family and have a mental break.