Ways to spend time when school is out


Emily MacIntyre

Entering the Wayne County lightest guests are greeted with a tunnel full of beautiful colors.

As we day by day reach closer to winter break, it is left to wonder what to do while gone from school for two weeks.

Outdoor Activities

Ice Skating: If you don’t already know how to skate it could be quite tricky, but Ice Skating is a festive and fun way to kick off holiday break. Grab a few friends and head to many different places around the downriver area. Some places include: Trenton Kennedy Recreation Center (Open M-F 8:30am-5pm, Sat & Sun 7:30am-11pm), Campus Martis in Detroit (Open M-Th 11am-10pm, Fri & Sat 11am-Midnight, Sun Noon-10pm)

Sledding: Although it can seem like a very childish idea, in the current times with Covid and many other illnesses, sometimes it is better to stay to yourself or a small group of people, especially around the holidays. Gather your friends and family, grab a sled and find the nearest hill. Your sled doesn’t have to be in the perfect condition or the newest style. It is all about the experience that makes this priceless activity worth it. With living in Michigan there comes a lot of snow which makes any hill, no matter how small it is a perfect sledding hill. Sledding is a priceless and fun winter activity made for everyone. But also make sure to dress properly and warm, low temperatures are no joke and no one likes frostbite.

Build a snowman: Ever watch the movie Frozen as a kid? Well this is your time to shine! Bundle up in some warm clothes and gloves and head out to your own front yard. No traveling or expenses. It is just you and your imagination. Who doesn’t love playing in the snow and building a snowman? Start with your base, gather one nice and sturdy big ball of snow. Then once you’re done with that make two smaller balls of snow and place them on top of eachother. All you need after that is some sticks and something for a nose. It is one the simplest holiday activities and is always so much fun.

Christmas Lights: While other activities are made for the cold and playing in the ice and snow there are other options to stay warm and cozy. Hope into a car while driving around looking at Christmas lights. It can be as simple as visiting Downtown Wyandotte and looking at all the beautiful decorations. There are also plenty of places with light shows everyone can visit for a small price, one of the most well-known being the Wayne County Lightfest in Westland ($5 per car).

Inside Activities:

Holiday Crafts: A super simple way to have fun while at home on break! Some great ideas that don’t take much supplies are: building a gingerbread house with graham crackers, frosting and candy, or making something for a loved one – like a christmas tree ornament. An idea that many might not think about is sending a bit of holiday cheer to those who may not receive much. All it takes is some cardboard and markers to make cards to send to nursing homes, military members, and even health care workers who spend their holidays away from family. There are so many things to make out of random things in the house and a little imagination.

Holiday Movies: Movie night is a classic and simple way to have fun alone and with others. While the snow is falling outside and temperatures drop, staying inside streaming popular holiday movies is a great way to spend time. From streaming services to simple Hallmark movies there are plenty of things to watch from any device. Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and so many other places to look. Watch the popular Home Alone and get a good laugh or snuggle up with your pets and watch Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer. You can even take out your inner pinterest vibes with some hot coco and turn the channel to Hallmark. Movie night is a priceless and cozy way to spend winter break.

Holiday Baking: Baking can be one of the most enjoyable things to do while on winter break. There are numerous new recipes posted online to try daily. Choose the simple boxed ingredients or hit up an old recipe book and start from scratch. Holiday baking can be as simple as decorating sugar cookies or creating a beautifully designed cake. This activity is something really anyone can do no matter the skill level.