My Blitzen The Dotte Experience

The top three finishers for their age group were RHS Varisty Cross Country runners junior Sam Cost, senior Aubrey Migoski, and senior Paige Chinavare.

Wyandotte Boat Club’s Blitzen The Dotte is a city-wide 5k fun run/walk to encourage people of all ages to get involved and to stay moving; it was held on Saturday, November 20.
Apart from the 5k run/walk, there is also a one fourth mile “Little Reindeer” option for kids, and a virtual 5k event as well.
Thousands of runners and walkers throughout the years choose to participate in Blitzen the Dotte to help raise money for rowing programs sponsored by the Wyandotte Boat Club. This event has been a fall tradition for over twelve years.
The flat course takes you through downtown Wyandotte along the Wyandotte Shores Golf Course. During the race, I got to run by the city’s Christmas decorations and view small businesses downtown. It was a little difficult to have proper breathing during the cold weather, but it truly gave me the whole “Christmas race” experience.
I choose to participate in this racing event for the second time because it gives me the opportunity to compete again. I just finished my senior cross country season, and I thought this would be an exciting way to tie it off. I also felt like it was necessary to engage in my community and the events it has to offer.
A lot of my teammates hopped on the opportunity as well, to be able to race without the pressure that our sport can put on us. I was happy to race with my team one last time before the track & field season starts.
I was surprised with the number of people in attendance at the start line. Throughout the race, there were also many people cheering for us on the sides, and it makes me happy to think about the hugely supportive community that we have.
I really enjoyed the course, the support, and the competition. I ended up finishing second in my age group with a silver medal. Two other teammates of mine also happened to win medals as well; junior Sam Cost won first, and senior Paige Chinavare achieved third in the age group.
Blitzen the Dotte was a great way to meet new people and it is an excuse to get some fresh air during the cold weather.